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16 Pathways Writers completed the course, which included: Pathways Writers Launch and Round Table, masterclasses, mentoring, and preparation for the Pathways Writers Showcase.

Each Pathways Writer had eight sessions with a mentor. Our Pathways Writer Mentors were: Mandy Redvers-Rowe, Daisy Higman, Darren Rapier, Steve Harper, Amy Bethan Evans and Athena Stevens.

All 16 writers presented a five minute duologue at our Pathways Writers Showcase in June 2022, in Studio 4 at Brixton House. Writers were encouraged to work closely with the directors during the rehearsal process, which resulted in some inspiring collaborations.

Our 17th performance of the Showcase was Open Script by Maria Oshodi. This was a five minute devised performance reflecting on the research that Grace Joseph undertook in 2021-22 -following the Pathways Writers Launch in March 2021 – on access to scripts for visually impaired artists, and starting to look at how the issues raised around access to scripts can be addressed.

Pathways Writers Masterclasses

Rectangle with purple background, a grid of three images of participants on zoom and the words ‘Pathways Writers with Daisy Higman.
Rectangle with purple background, a grid of three images of participants on zoom and the words ‘Pathways Writers with Eve Leigh’
Rectangle with purple background, grid of five images of participants on zoom and the words ‘Pathways Writers with Mandy Redvers-Rowe’

Pathways Writers Showcase

Pathways Writers Showcase Programme 

Compere: Georgie Morrell  

Welcome and housekeeping   

*Introduction by Alice Corrigan  

‘Fade’ by Pathways Writer Alice Corrigan  

Director: Ammar Haj Ahmad  

Assistant Director: Ada Eravama    

Actors: Anita Barzey plays Cassie and Victor Rios plays Rubin  

*Introduction by Joe Rizzo – Naudi  

‘Rehearsal’ by Pathways Writer Joe Rizzo-Naudi  

Director: Athena Stevens    

Actors: Douglas Walker plays One and Charlie Folorunsho plays Two  

*Introduction by Louis Thrift  

‘Tales from the Final Frontier’ by Pathways Writer Louis Thrift  

Director: Ammar Haj Ahmed   

Assistant Director: Ada Eravama   

Actors: Amanda Maud plays Xuxa and Abraham Buckoke plays Jason  

*Introduction by Monica Butler  

‘Lost Connection’ by Pathways Writer Monica Butler  

Director Athena Stevens    

Assistant Director Paula Connolly   

Actors: Julie Bennet as Tanya and Victor Rios as Ricardo  

*Introduction by Paula Connolly 

’Out of the Dark’ by Pathways Writer Paula Connolly  

Director: Erica Miller  

Assistant Director: Steven George     

Actors: Olivia Macdonald as Molly and Michelle Felix as Doctor Cox   

*Introduction on stage: Maria Oshodi 

Open Script Report by Grace Joseph 

Director: Maria Oshodi  

Actors: Samuel Brewer Chris Campion Amelia Cavallo 


*Introduction read by Georgie Morrell   

’14 Below’ by Pathways Writer Darrell James   

Director: Anthony Gough  

Actors: Douglas Walker plays Steph Evans and Chris Campion plays Jack Clark  

*Introduction by Steve McCarthy  

‘Where There’s a Will’ by Pathways Writer Steve McCarthy   

Director: Athena Stevens  

Actors: Anita Barzey plays Charlotte and Chris Hunter plays Wilfred  

*Introduction read by Georgie Morrell  

‘The River’ by Pathways Writer MLTolmie  

Director: Erica Miller  

Assistant Director: Steven George  

Actor Julie Bennet  

*Recorded Introduction by Ellen Renton   

‘Hold’ by Pathways Writer Ellen Renton – not able to attend / asked for intro  

Director: Esther Elliot   

Assistant Director: Tam Gilbert   

Actors: Michelle Felix plays Susie and Anita Barzey plays Grace   

*Recorded Introduction by Karina Jones  

‘Blind Drunk in Llandudno’ by Pathways Writer Karina Jones  

Director: Athena Stevens   

Assistant Director: Paula Connolly   

Actors: Julie Bennet plays Sian and Tam Gilbert plays Lover  

*Introduction by Stephen Portlock 

‘A Treatment for Depression’ by Pathways Writer Stephen Portlock  

Directors: She Goat (Shamira Turner and Eugenie Pastor)  

Assistant Director Ada Eravama     

Actors: Heather Gilmore plays HER and Douglas Walker plays HIM  


*Introduction by Norman Archer  

‘No Eyes No Legs’ by Pathways Writer Norman Archer 

Director: Anthony Gough    

Actors: Melissa Chapin plays Paula and Clive Cherrington plays Victor   

*Introduction read by Georgie Morrell  

‘Escaping the Jungle’ by Pathways Writer Anu Fajemisin  

Director: Anthony Gough   

Both actors will take on the role of the storytellers/narrators. 

Douglas Walker will play the roles of Ryan and Dr Phillips. 

Annette Davis will play the roles of Kathy (Ryan’s mother) and Leanne (Ryan’s sister). 

*Introduction by Karran Collings  

‘Perspectives’ by Pathways Writer Karran Collings  

Director: Esther Elliot   

Assistant Director: Tam Gilbert  

Actors: Heather Gilmore plays Kerry and Julie Bennet plays Mullers   

*Introduction by Tam Gilbert  

‘Confined’ by Pathways Writer Tam Gilbert  

Directors: She Goat (Shamira Turner and Eugenie Pastor)  

Assistant Director: Ada Eravama   

Actors: Michelle Felix plays Lucy and Margaret Tulley plays Sarah  

*Introduction by Terry James 

‘Hogging The Limelight’ by Pathways Writer Terry James 

Director: Anthony Gough  

Actors: Michelle Felix plays Margaret and Christopher Hunter plays Neville  

Compere closes Pathways Writers Showcase 2022  

Showcase Creative/Extant Teams 

Audio Description Consultant/Extant Artistic Director: Maria Oshodi 

Showcase Director/Extant Programme Manager: Caroline Jeyaratnam-Joyner 
Stage Manager: Becky Brown 

Assistant Stage Manager: Alex Rivers   
Technician: Alexander Ringo, Brixton House  
Access Workers: Andrew Baguley, Chikodi Nwaiwu, Alice James, Marina Savva   

Access support/Extant artist development manager: Louisa Sanfey  

Access support/Extant Administrator: Lydia Harrison 

Extant Administrator: Bethany Cooper  
Filmmaker: Primo Digital Video Productions 

Extant Senior Manager, Operations and Strategy: Fiona Greenhill  

Extant Accounts: Kate Kempin  

Special thanks to our funders below; and to Brixton House. 

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