Extant presents ‘Unseen’

A gripping new audio drama that examines the subtle and insidious effect of domestic abuse on the blind and visually impaired (VI) community.

The work is a creative response to the Unseen Report by the Vision Foundation.

A square poster which has a light blue background. At the top is the title in bold, dark green text which reads 'Unseen’. Underneath it, in smaller dark green text, it reads ‘a gripping new audio drama by Extant’. Towards the bottom right, there’s additional dark green text reads ‘streaming from 4th March 2024’ and below this is a URL link to the website ‘www.extant.org.uk/unseen’. At the bottom of the poster is a row of 4 pitched rooftops in a line, the houses are painted blue, pink, yellow and green.

Extant is the UK’s leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired artists and theatre practitioners, producing touring productions and delivering training regionally and internationally.

Extant is working in a very rich area, producing powerful performances, and I wish you all the best of strength and fortitude in the future

Peter Brook

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Joanna, a slim white woman with long brown hair hands flowers to Artistic Director Maria Oshodi as they stand smiling in front of a large balloon reading 20

Welcome to Extant

Extant is the opposite of extinct. Formed in 1997 by founder Maria Oshodi and a group of professional visually impaired artists, the company aimed to redress invisibility of blind and partially sighted artists and explore new creative territories. Since then it has become a dynamic, political space to articulate and celebrate what visual impairment brings to the performing arts.

A short film celebrating our 20th Anniversary can be viewed here, and the full length version is available on request. Read our full list of awards granted over our history here.

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