About Us

Extant is the opposite of extinct. Formed in 1997 Extant was the inspired name chosen by a group of professional visually impaired artists, for the emergence of a new dynamic space, intended to redress our invisibility as artists and explore new creative territories.

Picture of the cast and crew of the Chairs 2014 production on set for the final night at The Albany theatre.

Extant is the UK’s leading professional performing arts company that explores visual impairment to create unique and innovative artistic experiences, placing visually impaired people at the centre of all we do: from the productions we create, to the artists we employ or support to build stronger careers in the sector, to the audiences we perform to and the participants we work with. 

In our company, visual impairment is celebrated as a rich source of creative engagement that inspires fresh perspectives 

We fulfil our purpose by: 

  • Demonstrating artistic excellence, professionalism, and high production values with the express inclusion of visually impaired performing artists 
  • Providing sustainable employment and supporting the professional development of visually impaired people working in the arts 
  • Putting the accessibility for visually impaired audiences at the centre of the artistic process 
  • Providing opportunities for visually impaired people to get involved in the arts for the first time 
  • Ensuring that our company is led by visually impaired people, artistically, managerially and at board level

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