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A wide landscape shot of two women on aerial silks mid-fall.
A square poster with a light blue background containing bold dark green text, the headline reads 'Unseen’. Underneath the title in smaller text, reads ‘a gripping new audio drama by Extant’. On the bottom right, the text reads ‘Streaming from 4th March 2024’ followed with further text below, which reads ‘www.extant.org.uk/unseen’. At the bottom of the poster are a row of 4 pitched rooftops in a line. The houses painted blue, pink, yellow and green.


Monday 4th March 2024

Listen to Unseen Audio Drama below:    Extant presents Unseen, a gripping new audio drama that examines the subtle and insidious effect of domestic abuse on the blind and visually impaired community, using empathy, hope and candour to raise awareness of this important subject. Through the stories of two visually impaired protagonists, Unseen illuminates […]

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A drawing by Sally Booth of a zoom screen. There are 9 windows arranged in a grid of three-by-three, with a pencil or watercolour sketch of a face in each.

Extant Connect


Extant CONNECT     Extant CONNECT is our monthly online session for blind and VI people to network, talk, learn and share ideas, taking place on the last Monday evening of every month. For more information and joining information please contact [email protected] Upcoming dates (all times are from 7pm to 8.30pm): Monday 24th June Monday […]

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A digitally animated drawing of a blind Japanese woman walking in an open landscape in close up. She is in side profile, wearing a purple and light blue kimono patterned with orange flowers. The background is shaded in muted browns, and a pale yellow sun looms in the horizon.

Flight Paths

17 August 2020 - Permanently available

Experience it now: http://flightpaths.extant.org.uk/ Flight Paths, our epic multimedia production inspired by the Goze – blind female performers of medieval Japan – is brought to life on screen for the first time in a new digital retelling, co-commissioned by The Space. Combining animation, aerial movement and creative audio description, Flight Paths is an interactive online […]

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Three woman standing in a circle facing one another. The woman in the centre has her hands drawn to her head, while the woman on the left takes a step towards her.

No Dramas


No Dramas

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