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Super Power Panto Logo: In a comic book style, a blue gloved hand bursts out from the pages of a comic book, holding a white cane. Yellow action lines and stars surround it, flying out from the centre of the image. Slanted across the top left of the image the words 'Super Power Panto' are written in yellow blocky cartoon text, outlined in black and with a blue drop shadow. All of this is in front of a deep red background.

Super Power Panto

Posted on: 24 Jan 2023

Watch edited highlights from the show here: Read what people are saying about Super Power Panto: wonderful production and superb performance Disability Arts Online I smiled the entire time from start to finish BBC Radio 4 In Touch much enjoyed by sighted and non-sighted audiences alike ReviewsGate gives a lovely message for you to leave […]

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A grid of 12 tiny coloured ink drawings of Directors and tutors on Zoom, landscape format. This composite set of drawings is set out in a gallery style to mimic the Zoom screen. There are also two blank tiles, one showing the person icon for someone who has their video turned off

Pathways Directors Showcase – Zoom Watch Party

Posted on: 8 Feb 2022

Extant is delighted to invite you to the online Zoom showing of the Pathways Directors Showcase. This online event is a filmed screening of the live Pathways Directors showcase which originally took place on 28 January 2022 at the Cockpit. The screening is for anyone who missed the in-person showcase, those who’d like to view the works again, or […]

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Inspired by painter Wassily Kandinsky's play Yellow Sound, Maria tests the installation that animates interactions between different sounds, colours and bodily positions.

Inside Yellow Sound

Posted on: 5 Oct 2021

You are invited to the multisensory installation Inside Yellow Sound, developed by researchers at the University of Leeds in collaboration with Extant.

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A Black woman motions with her arms in a fighter pose towards the young white man holding his cane ready for action

Movie Theatre: Daredevil

Posted on: 29 Jun 2021

We have been working with the 2003 Marvel film Daredevil in Movie Theatre, where we research playing with accessible film by taking the live audio described soundtrack and used it to direct blind actors to create a new live dramatic interpretation of the film.

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From left to right, the Nigerian flag, the Indian flag and the UK flag.


Posted on: 11 Sep 2020

Extant has joined with Global Play Brigade to trial the first ever international improvisation project for visually impaired people over Zoom.

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A close up of a middle aged white man's face. His expression is haggard and his fingers touch his left cheek right below his eye.


Posted on: 21 Jul 2020

PC David Rathband was shot and blinded in Durham by escaped prisoner Raoul Moat in July 2010 – A decade on, in July 2020, Extant launched an interactive Zoom cast of ‘Rathband’ by writer Christopher Hogg, hosted by visually impaired actor, Robin Paley Yorke.

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The participating writers sit in a row on stage, with the backs of the front row of the audience in the foreground. A white woman on the right is facing the audience, receiving questions for a Q&A

The Write Stage

Posted on: 20 Apr 2020

In October 2017, Extant paired seven writers with seven professional mentors for the Write Stage project. Over four months, participants worked together to develop seven individual pieces of new writing, which was presented by an integrated cast of visually impaired actors and directors in a live performance. Funded by Arts Council England and The Drapers’ […]

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Six participants standing in a half semi circle midway through a storytelling session, an older man on the left has his hands up in dance, a woman next to him is clapping, everyone is smiling and cheery

Storytelling with Blind Vets UK

Posted on: 20 Apr 2020

In February 2020, Blind Veterans commissioned Extant to present a series of workshops in Llandudno for visually impaired participants, facilitated by Elizabeth Wainwright and assisted by Owen Pugh. Over the course of a week, participants learned and developed storytelling skills, culminating in a live performance. Members of the group also learned chorus singing as a […]

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A group of eight workshop participants sitting in a circle on stage in a black box theatre. A man is sitting with legs crossed in the back with his hands in a 'what if' pose while the others sit crosslegged or on chairs with their attention to him

Pathways Directors Summer Online Masterclasses

Posted on: 17 Mar 2020

These three summer online workshops will offer our Pathways Directors the chance to explore stimuli, research accompanying themes and build ideas for our proposed face-to-face masterclass intensive in Autumn.

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From above, a large group of people on the party floor, drinking near a blue lit bar.

The Cast Party

Posted on: 9 Oct 2019

Background More and more these days, ‘access’ is the name of the game, and as visually impaired people, we find that if there is provision made for us in this respect it usually focuses on making information accessible, buildings accessible or the art product inside these buildings, like plays, films or exhibitions accessible through audio […]

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A burst of black lines come towards us originating from the word "Flatland" in the centre of the image. Above, a series of black and white zig zags form a dome shape.


Posted on: 4 Oct 2019

Extant has led a first and second phase investigation into haptic technology and immersive performance in ‘The Question’ (2010) and ‘Flatland’ (2015) .
Learn more about these innovative art and technology projects here.

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Hub Building

Posted on: 27 Aug 2019

Flight Paths followed Extant’s innovative accessible approach to facilitating audience engagement in two ways: Weaved accessibility for visually impaired people into the work. Our goal is to create one single artistic experience which is accessible to both visually impaired and non-visually impaired people rather than expecting the visually impaired audience to wear headphones. Supported by […]

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