Inside Yellow Sound

15-17 December 2021

You are invited to the multisensory installation Inside Yellow Sound, developed by researchers at the University of Leeds in collaboration with Extant.

Inspired by painter Wassily Kandinsky’s play Yellow Sound, this installation explores how the different senses combine and inform one another in the making of experience.

Kandinsky published Yellow Sound in 1912 but the play was never staged during his lifetime. As such, Kandinsky never managed to test how his composition would actually work on stage.

Inside Yellow Sound invites one audience member at a time to animate the world of the play and engage in a series of interactions between different sounds, colours and movements.  The experience is guided by the play’s material, but it is also unique to the choices you will make in the space.

The installation is designed for sighted, partially sighted and blind audiences.  Your participation and feedback would enable us to understand better the way a multisensory environment can be created through movement and will allow us to test the accessibility of the installation.

Each experience will last approximately 20 min and visitors will participate in the installation individually.

The installation takes place between the 15-17 December 2021 at stage@leeds on the University of Leeds campus.

Book via the stage@leeds website here.

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