We have been working with the 2003 Marvel film Daredevil in Movie Theatre, where we research playing with accessible film by taking the live audio described soundtrack and used it to direct blind actors to create a new live dramatic interpretation of the film.



Two white men grasp a cane held high above their heads while a Black woman looks on

Ordinarily audio description is added over a film’s soundtrack after post-production. This project reversed this process and used the accessible soundtrack as a new starting point.

Five actors and the stage manager sit and listen while the director feeds back. A guide dog lays at the director's feet.

A young white man and a Black woman embrace, their eyes closed.

We took Daredevil and dared to reclaim our rightful roles and reimagine a disabled led version of the film!

A white man in a suit exclaims to a younger white man sitting down who is seemingly lost in thought

Maria standing addressing the seated audience

Experience the introduction to the project given by Maria Oshodi at the sharing held in June 2021, along with the outcome of this research, followed by the lively Q/A with our socially distance audience who were present at the venue here.

If you have any comments on Movie Theatre, please get in touch at [email protected].



Samuel Brewer as Matt Murdock

Margo Cargill as Elektra Natchios

Steven George as Foggy Nelson

Maria Oshodi – Director

Grace Joseph – Assistant Director

Jack Prior – Stage Manager

Andrew Baguley – Access Worker

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