Announcing the new Extant Associate Artists

Two images side by side divided by a purple line: 1. A photo of Jasmin Thien, a Chinese woman in her mid-twenties. She is wearing a blue dress and is smiling for the camera. 2. A photo of Helena Ascough, a blonde white woman in her twenties wearing dark glasses, a red beanie hat and camo jacket.
Associate Artists Jasmin Thien and Helena Ascough

Extant is delighted to reveal our two new Associate Artists, Helena Ascough and Jasmin Thien, who will both be presenting work-in-progress performances at Sprint Festival in March 2023. We received some incredible applications, but were really blown away by both Helena and Jasmin’s proposals due to their ambition, creativity and passion. We simply could not choose between them – so we’re producing them both!

Helena Ascough is a spoken word performer, theatre maker and actor. She aspires to create thought provoking, inclusive and imaginative work through her lived experience of disability, community led practice and love of storytelling. Helena says “I am so excited and grateful to be working with Extant. Sometimes you can get so many no’s in this industry a yes feels amazing!”

Jasmin Thien is a blind, Bruneian born Chinese actor, writer, spoken word artist and stand up comedian. She is passionate about exploring big ideas including intersectionality, ableism, culture and trauma in ways that are authentic while remaining accessible to all. She says “I feel very honoured and above all privileged to have been chosen to be an Extant associate artist, especially this early in my career. I am proud to be part of the work Extant does in spotlighting our voices and stories on stage.”

Both artists will work with our Artist Development Manager, Louisa Sanfey to workshop their ideas and present them at Camden People’s Theatre’s annual Sprint Festival in March 2023. Dates for the performance will be announced soon!

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