Call-Out for Voice Actors and Creative Roles on Associate Artist Shows

Two photos side by side separated by a purple line. On the left is a close shot of the face of Jasmine Thien (an East Asian woman in her mid-20s). Her eyes are closed and patterns of dappled light are cast across her face. The other image is a black and white photo of Helena Ascough (a white, blonde-haired woman in her mid-20s). She stands speaking animatedly into a microphone in a stand, with her right hand pointing toward her head. She wears a denim jacket, a tartan skirt, a white t-shirt and glasses.

Extant are presenting a double-bill of work-in-progress at Camden People’s Theatre’s annual Sprint Festival on 27th March 2023, which will showcase the cutting edge of access-led theatre created by blind and visually impaired theatre artists. We are recruiting for the following paid roles:

A Sound Designer to work on No Future by Helena Ascough. No Future is a new punk rock influenced autobiographical solo show exploring discrimination within the British education system. The ideal candidate would be based in Manchester or the North West and have an interest in punk and punk-rock music. Key information below:

– Rehearsals will take place during the weeks of 20th-24th February (Lancaster) and 13th-17th March (Manchester). We will work with the Sound Designer over the March dates and can be flexible about which days the Sound Designer attends rehearsals.

– Technical rehearsals will be 26th-27th March (London).

– The fee is £150 per day plus travel/accommodation.

– To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter with samples or links to your work to the email address below. The closing date is Friday 24th February but we will recruit as soon as we have sufficient applicants, so this role may close earlier.

An Associate Director to work on I Dream in Colour by Jasmin Thien. I Dream in Colour is a one-woman play exploring memory, loss, and the intersection between disability and culture, drawn from Jasmin’s experiences growing up fighting eye cancer and eventually blindness as a Bruneian-born Chinese. Ideally the Associate Director would have a personal connection to Southeast Asia.

– Rehearsals will take place between 20th-27th March in London (part-time hours) and will involve some evening and weekend rehearsal.

– The fee is £650.

– To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter to the email address below. If you would like to read the script before applying, please get in touch. The closing date is Friday 3rd March.

3 Voice Actors for I Dream in Colour by Jasmin Thien. The recording date will be between 20th-22nd March in London. We are casting for the following roles, and particularly welcome blind and visually impaired actors and actors from a Southeast Asian background:

– Male actor, speaks Mandarin with Singapore/Brunei accent

– Female actor, speaks English with Chinese accent

– Third actor can be any gender or ethnic background

To apply, please send your CV and link to your Spotlight or voice reel to the email address below. The closing date is Friday 3rd March.

For more information about the shows, please visit

Please send all applications to Louisa Sanfey, Artist Development Manager at [email protected]

Please also complete our Equal Opportunities monitoring form:

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