Pathways, Year 1, A Scintillating Start

8 Pathways actors posed in a line to depict scenes from movies including using hands as shape of guns, arms folded across chest, reaching ou

Read a summary of the inaugural year that led to a fantastic presentation in April at RADA Studios here, including a brilliant blog by BAZ Productions, images, and coming soon…. the film of the much praised Pathways event.

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Awards all round!

The Engage2Stage cohort pose for a relaxed photo in the lounge area of the Met, Bury. They are wearing black t-shirts with a yellow and oran

Extant is proud that two of its former drama projects funded initially by Awards for All as part of our hub building programme in the North West and West Midlands, are now flying the nest!

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A Bit of a Do

A tall white man with dark hair and a goatee, stands centre stage in a white t-shirt and beige trousers surrounded by a trim of blue lights

From the 5th-7th July join Drunken Chorus in Croydon for three days of accessible performances and workshops!

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No Dramas!

A group of nine people and a guide dog stand in a circle with high energy in a black box theatre, smiling and laughing wildly

No Dramas!

Are you visually impaired and would you like to come along to drama sessions that are designed to have some fun, learn new skills and meet new people?

Then No Dramas is just for you!

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Job Opportunity: General Manager/Operations Manager

Three white women sit in an office, working on computers at desks in the centre of the room.

Extant is looking for a reliable, friendly and practical-minded General Manager/ Operations Manager to work with us in the short to medium term. 

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Our new Chair of the Board: Mary Paterson

A medium close-up of a white woman with cropped dark hair inside and wearing a maroon top.

Introducing our new Chair of the Board, the lovely Mary Paterson

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Pathways—an end of term report

A medium shot of a seated young white woman with dark hair and glasses and a seated mixed-race woman with sunglasses on her head. They are i

Our Royal Central School of Speech and Drama intern, Bobby-Leigh Howard, gets us up to speed on the activities of our eight Pathways actors. 

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Flight Paths—first block of rehearsals complete

A mixed race woman in a red t-shirt supported on yellow aerial silks by two white women. The woman to the left has thin, fair hair and wears

Our Royal Central School of Speech and Drama intern, Bobby-Leigh Howard, reports from the first block of rehearsals which wrapped this week. 

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A Blind Bit of Difference—LIVE TONIGHT

Four secondary school-age boys and an older man, in a circle laughing

Actor Steven George talks about the run-up to the multisensory launch of ‘A Blind Bit of Difference’, a book of sensory poetry, Spoken Word and poetical stories by the students of Joseph Clarke School. The launch will be at The Albany SE8 tonight from 5:40 pm.

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Job opportunity: Artist Development Manager

Multiple people sat in a line on stage facing an audience.

Extant is seeking a knowledgeable, supportive and experienced arts professional to lead a new Artist Development initiative for our company.

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Pathways—a bespoke training programme for visually impaired theatre-makers

A mid shot of a young woman throwing her head back and laughing. She is onstage in the auditorium of a small-scale theatre.

Extant is excited to launch Pathways, a programme developed to address the lack of accessible progression routes for visually impaired artists into professional theatre.

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Pathways—meet this year’s cohort

Seven people, five women and two men, stand in front of a purple banner smiling at the camera

Today we introduce the industry to the eight actors Pathways will support in its first year. 

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Wanted: English/Japanese speaking access worker

Three visually impaired people, two female, one male, walk towards camera, airport moving walkways either side of them.

We're looking for an access worker who is fluent in both English and Japanese for a week's work. 

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Professor Kojiro Hirose

A Japanese man wearing a shirt and green jumper holds up a textured image of a hand.

The celebrated Professor Kojiro Hirose will be flying from Japan to the UK to consult on our upcoming production, Flight Paths.

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October workshops

A group of young people in a brightly lit room giving a lot of attention to a grapefruit-sized ball.

Our Open Door project has two upcoming workshops delivered in partnership with RSBC. 

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