ZombieyeZ in Zagreb


How far did they go to get their sight back? The first ever authentic blind zombie movie! Filmed on location in London and the Croatian capital Zagreb, this adventure is by turns serious, silly and unsettling. Follow a cast of international blind and visually impaired characters attending a medical clinic where the final shocking conclusion of the experimental plays out.


I really liked the joke and as a blind person was able to follow the action in the Results video.

It’s a cult classic and  the audio would work really well on radio as well.


As well as watching this 2-minute teaser, you can also access the Director’s Interview, and the fake Sloboda Clinic website.

To view the fully completed film please contact [email protected]



Z EyeZ was conceived by Extant in 2013 in the lead up to our attendance at the 2013 Blind in Theatre Festival in Zagreb.

Extant wanted to provide an opportunity whereby all the visually impaired theatre companies from many countries who bring their work to this biannual festival could participate in a collaborative project.

Closeup of Zombie with horrific eyes bulging out of their sockets

Throughout the summer and autumn of 2013 Extant created an online experiment in story telling exploring how far a group of blind and partially sighted international characters would go to get their sight back.

Visit the fictional Sloboda Clinic site which we created for the film.

Gruesome Zombie in medical nightgown with lift in the background

The adventure was filmed and posted in episodes on the protagonist ‘Helen”s patient blog, which also includesa background on different characters played by our international visually impaired cast.

Zombie with hands pressed against glass door

The final conclusion was then filmed on location in the Croatian capital Zagreb, where the characters attend a clinic’s medical trials and the final shocking conclusion of the story plays out.

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