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Super Power Panto Logo: In a comic book style, a blue gloved hand bursts out from the pages of a comic book, holding a white cane. Yellow action lines and stars surround it, flying out from the centre of the image. Slanted across the top left of the image the words 'Super Power Panto' are written in yellow blocky cartoon text, outlined in black and with a blue drop shadow. All of this is in front of a deep red background.

Super Power Panto Highlights

Watch the highlights from Extant’s March 2023 production of Super Power Panto! Extant’s first ever inclusive family show, Super Power Panto packed a punch this Spring on its premiere UK tour.

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25th Anniversary Speeches

30:36 minutes

Extant 25th Anniversary Speeches

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Pathways Directors Showcase 2022

Friday 28th January 2022, 7pm The Cockpit Pathways is Extant’s pioneering four-year-long programme that aims to influence, embed and improve greater awareness of and accessibility for blind and visually impaired practitioners across the theatre industry. Since 2018, we have delivered training programmes for visually impaired and blind practitioners to support them in making a more […]

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Extant Pathways Writers Showcase

  16 Pathways Writers completed the course, which included: Pathways Writers Launch and Round Table, masterclasses, mentoring, and preparation for the Pathways Writers Showcase. Each Pathways Writer had eight sessions with a mentor. Our Pathways Writer Mentors were: Mandy Redvers-Rowe, Daisy Higman, Darren Rapier, Steve Harper, Amy Bethan Evans and Athena Stevens. All 16 writers […]

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Super Power Panto R&D 2021

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Pathways Actors

  Pathways actors Danielle Evans, Douglas Walker, Judith MacCombe, Chloe MacCombe, Jake Sawyers, Megan John, Anthony Gough and Alex Williams perform ensemble work alongside a range of contemporary and classical monologues.

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Flight Paths 2020 (Interactive)

  Flight Paths, our epic multimedia production inspired by the Goze – blind female performers of medieval Japan – is brought to life on screen for the first time in a new digital retelling, co-commissioned by The Space. Combining animation, aerial movement and creative audio description, Flight Paths is an interactive online experience featuring stories of travel, blindness […]

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Extant and Yellow Earth present Flight Paths 2019 (Video Trailer)

  In this production two blind women take centre stage, sometimes on aerial silks, sometimes with their feet firmly on the ground, but always surrounded by voices, music, stories and ghosts. Inspired by the Goze, blind female performers who travelled around medieval Japan making a living from telling epic tales, they move between tradition and […]

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Rathband – Digital 2020

  On the 4th of July 2010 PC David Rathband was shot and blinded in his patrol car in East Denton, Tyne and Wear. A decade on, Extant launches our live interactive zoom cast of ‘Rathband’ by writer Christopher Hogg.

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Eye Say, Eye Say, Eye Say!

I Say, what do you get when over a dozen visually impaired comedians congregate for some covert comedy? On Saturday 17 October 2020, thirteen visually impaired comedians took to the stage for Extant’s livestreamed covert comedy show, Eye Say, Eye Say, Eye Say! as part of Bloomsbury Festival.

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20th anniversary title screenshot from video

Extant’s 20th Anniversary – Short Film


Short edit of a film by Braunarts, created to celebrate Extant’s 20th anniversary this year (2017). Features interviews with key Extant artists, collaborators and patrons.

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Title card - white text on black

Catching the Ghost


Watch the trailer video for our 2017 production of Catching the Ghost by Chris Campion. The play tells the complex journey of a young man whose gradual loss of sight takes him through an uncompromising experience of depression and split identity.

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The Chairs: Spring 2016 Tour Highlights


Highlights from Extant’s remounting of The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco in April earlier this year, from the performance at Stratford Circus, London. Directed by Maria Oshodi Filmed and edited by primodv

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Still of Tim Gebbels for Extant's Show Real project. Tim in light grey jumper and black jacket standing with hands in his pocket

Tim Gebbels Bursary


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Flatland project ident: a geometric rainbow over a flat horizon

Flatland R&D Documentary


A short film about the development of this digital R&D project, led by Extant, the UK’s leading performing arts company of visually impaired artists. Flatland was a pitch-black, immersive installation which audiences explored using a handheld haptic navigation device. Extant collaborated with Dr Ad Spiers and the Open University. The project was funded by the […]

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A man in dark blue mechanics uniform hands out brightly coloured inflatable animals



ComBUStion invites you to form an orderly queue at the bus stop, and wait for your chance to participate in a London Bus ride with a difference… This family-friendly show featured lots of interaction and fun. It was produced by Extant in collaboration with playful public realm arts company, Bureau of Silly Ideas, and commissioned for 2015 Liberty […]

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Image still from the trailer video showing an eye chart - amongst the letters

ZombieyeZ in Zagreb trailer


A new trailer for our 2015 blind zombie film, ZombieyeZ in Zagreb. Follow the journey of Helen as she travels to a medical clinic in Croatia, where scientists promise to miraculously restore their patients’ sight in 24 hours. What could possibly go wrong? Shot on location in London, New York, and Zagreb. Trailer edited by […]

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Spirit of Resistance Legacy Film Finale


A recap of the Spirit of Resistance project, coupled with footage from the original ‘Making of Resistance’ about the 2005 production. Created by Roaming Films.

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Spirit of Resistance: Performance Highlights


Highlights from the filmed sharing event at Stratford Circus in June 2016. Participants and audience members give an idea of what they gained from Extant’s intergenerational project, which marked the 10th anniversary of our ‘Resistance’ production.

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Getting on with Life


In January 2017 a group of visually impaired participants embarked on a journey with Extant, Britain’s leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people. This film explores their creative journeys and documents their final performance at mac Birmingham in May 2017. ‘Getting on with Life’ uses music and comedy to explore the assumptions we […]

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‘Getting on with Life’ Full Performance


In January 2017 a group of visually impaired participants embarked on a journey with Extant, Britain’s leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people. This film explores their creative journeys and documents their final performance at mac Birmingham in May 2017. ‘Getting on with Life’ uses music and comedy to explore the assumptions we […]

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Screengrab from video of performance

Unexpected: Final Group Performance


Footage from the devised ensemble performance at the Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton and clips of interviews with the participants and director. Project by Extant, funded by ACE, National Lottery and City Bridge. Film by Chuck Lowry. Highlights edited by getcarterpr.

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Performers taking part in workshop

Regional Hub Building – Year 1


A short documentary by community filmmaker Rachel Gillies covering the first year of Extant’s regional hub building activity. Features clips from workshops, interviews with participants, facilitators and staff from two of our partner venues: mac Birmingham and The Lowry, Salford.

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Anita Barzey profile image

Anita Barzey showreel


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Andrew Hodgson profile image

Andrew Hodgson showreel


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Joy Addo portrait

Joy Addo Showreel


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Mikel in drag

Mickel Smithen showreel


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Nayantika Shah smiling

Nayantika Shah showreel


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An older man and woman pictured from the shoulders up in ballroom hold

‘I dance’ 2014


A video with voiceover detailing the fantastic experiences and outcomes for blind and partially sighted adults who took part in our programme of accessible dance workshops in spring 2014. The clips show participants experiencing a variety of different styles and the methods used by dance tutors to make the lessons accessible.

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Maria Oshodi sits talking to actors Heather and John

Ionesco’s The Chairs 2014

00:01:11 Director Maria Oshodi talks about the comedy and energy within Extant’s version of Ionesco’s classic play which toured Wolverhampton and London, 16 April-2 May 2014. Video produced by Braunarts

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White male with glasses speaking in front of a projected photo of the Haptic Lotus Device. Film of a talk about this project

Adam Spiers ‘This Happened’ talk 2012


An unedited film of a talk given by Adam Spiers about Extant’s Haptic Lotus at a ‘This Happened’ event, 20 March 2012, Bristol.

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A close up shot of woman in a burlesque costume wearing a mask.  It has large eyes with painted on eyelashes and hugely inflated red lips.

Sheer 2012


Sheer spring tour 2012 – a burlesque horror production in the dark and light. Film includes audio description. Video produced by Braunarts

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Young performers in witches hats and masks. Film of participation project

One Short Day in Essex 2011


A weekend workshop  for 11-18  year olds, held in November 2011  and based on the musical Wicked

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Four of the participating dancers rehearse in a dance studio. Film of a participation project

Dance Stage 2010


An autumn of dance in 2010 featuring Contemporary, tap, samba and flamenco styles for visually impaired newcomers and professional performers. This is a film that describes the project and shows clips of the participants trying all the different dance styles.

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Schoolgirl in hijab being interviewed. Film of a participation project

Extant Youth Theatre


Extant runs a youth theatre programme for visually impaired young people. This film shows highlights of the company’s work with Lambeth Academy in July 2008. Artistic Director Maria Oshodi describes how the project worked.

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A white man and woman on a tandem bicycle

Tandemonium 2010


This film showcases the Extant performance piece Tandemonium, and includes audio description. Riding the rhythm on customised tandems, Extant presents a musical theatre performance as never seen or heard before! Inspired by the famous musical ‘Gypsy’, Braunarts has created a sound design for Extant that will be transported upon tandem bikes, along with a cast of […]

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Screengrab from video title sequence showing 3D-rendered question mark on a dark green background. Film about R&D project

The Question 2010


The Question was a 2010 collaborative immersive theatre research project between Extant, Adam Spiers and the Open University, exploring haptic technology in  a multi media  dark installation. This is a DVD excerpt from a film about the project. The full DVD, featuring the planning, the team, the Haptic device and the audience experience within the […]

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Japanese viola player with audience around him and umbrella over him. Film of an outdoor performance piece

Obscurity 2009


A 2009 site specific, outdoor promenade performance involving story telling, live music, visual art and a 16 speaker spatialised sound scape, performed at Greenwich and Trafalgar Square. This film describes the making of the work and final performance, and features audio description. Film produced by Braunarts

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Overhead view of audience members looking at scripts while someone above talks into a microphone. Film about a performance event

The Cast Party 2006


A 2006 award-winning experimental pilot event, where Extant researched the use of technology, description and navigation in a large social environment. This film includes footage taken at the event showing large crowds of people in a foyer-like space, and interviews with individual audience members, some of whom are wearing costume. The audience members are carrying scripts which […]

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African American male performer - only his figure can be seen in the darkness. Film about a touring production

Weights 2005


Promotional film created of the 2005 Premiere UK tour of blind African American playwright, poet, actor and athlete, Lynn Manning in his one man autobiographical show. The film features clips of: Lynn singing and playing mouth organ as other visually impaired members of the team join in on other instruments; Lynn, Maria Oshodi and the Extant team on a tour […]

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Headshot of young white male actor taken from below

Resistance 2005-6


Promotional film of Resistance, Extant’s ground breaking innovative physical theatre production based on the life of teenage blind French resistance leader Jacques Lusseyran. Written by Maria Oshodi. Presented in association with Turtle Key Arts. The production toured nationally and internationally in 2005-6. The film features excerpts from scenes filmed at The Albany, London, 13 October 2005.

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A group of adult participants in a line behind a dance teacher in a studio. Film about a participation project

Workshops 2010


This film features excerpts from previous professional development workshops for visually impaired adults by Extant: 1) Short scene between a male and female actor 2) Short clips from a series of dance workshops including flamenco, tango, tap dancing. 3) Movement-based improvisation workshops: a female teacher helps a participant handle a skull; a male teacher directs a group […]

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A white boy and girl use a skipping rope in a dance studio. Film of participation work

Youth Theatre 2008


Extant runs a youth theatre programme for visually impaired young people. This film shows highlights of the company's work with Lambeth Academy in July 2008. Artistic Director Maria Oshodi describes how the project worked.

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Adult actors seated

Forum Theatre Project 2007


A 2007 research and development project that for the first time combined Forum Theatre with visual impairment. This film features highlights of rehearsals and the performance, with description by Artistic Director Maria Oshodi.

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One female and two male young participants press hands towards each other

Key Moves 2003


Key Moves was an Extant and Turtle Key half-term drama project for 11-18 year olds, held in Autumn 2003 at Sadler’s Wells. Led by Maria Oshodi and Eileen Dillon. This film features stills of the project and a description of the project by Maria Oshodi.

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Poster image: a white silhouette of a character on stage casts a shadow against a red background. Film about a production

Zeros and Nils 2002


A promotional film showcasing the first ever use of audio description and simultaneous language translation in the 2002 premiere UK tour of Croatia’s New Life theatre, produced by Extant. The film is made up of edited highlights of the play, called Zero and Nils. It begins with the audio description introduction as it was delivered in theatres, describe how […]

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A dancer stretches on the floor

Original Extant Research 1998


Extant’s formative exploration into stage language and movement. This film features clips of research taking place in rehearsal studios, and descriptions by the participants of what they were trying to achieve.

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