Pathways Directors Showcase 2022

Friday 28th January 2022, 7pm

The Cockpit

Pathways is Extant’s pioneering four-year-long programme that aims to influence, embed and improve greater awareness of and accessibility for blind and visually impaired practitioners across the theatre industry.

Since 2018, we have delivered training programmes for visually impaired and blind practitioners to support them in making a more sustainable professional career in the arts. In Year 1 in 2018-2019 we focused on acting, in Year 2 (2019-22, extended due to Covid) we focused on directing, while writers came on stream in Year 3 (2021-22). In Year 4 (2022-23), we will welcome our Backstage programme.

The Directors showcase at the Cockpit is a culmination of work from visually impaired and blind directors who have been training and developing their craft for the past two years, inspired by both their mentors and the directors they’ve learned from.