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We assist visually impaired artists develop and launch their own projects

Two white men sit on the floor opposite one another. The man facing the camera is stretching his arm out toward the other man.
Ebony Rose Dark and Tito Bone

Unsightly Drag

October 18th 7.30pm

Quiplash and Extant theatre present… Unsightly Drag! Come watch blind and visually impaired people from across the LGBTQIA spectrum take small steps and giant leaps into gender bending fabulousness.

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A white man with tied back ginger hair sits on a chair leaning towards a black woman who is reaching out her arm and touching his face. Behind them is a white man with short dark hair who is making noises with a keyboard, and metal cups. To the left of the image stand two white women, the one with dark hair is whispering in the ear of the one with light blonde hair.

The Man Who Saw Backwards


The Man Who Saw Backwards In 2018 Extant supported visually impaired actor Esther Elliott with her first-time writing project, by providing a week of research and development time in a venue with a professional, visually impaired cast, and directing consultation by Maria Oshodi. Esther’s take on Shakespeare’s King Lear relocated much of the action to […]

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A close up shot of two white men standing facing each other. One wears a long silver tinsel wig and the other looks at him, with a confused expression.

Catching the Ghost

May 2017

Originally commissioned as a piece for Guide Dogs week last year, we developed and produced Chris Campion’s show CATCHING THE GHOST for Wandsworth and Brighton fringe festivals in May 2017.

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