Artist Development

A celebratory group shot of visually impaired drag artists, all dressed in a variety of colourful and outlandish costumes. Some are posing while others grin and have their hands in the air.

Beyond our grass roots participation projects, Extant’s next level of support offers talent, career and employment development opportunities for visually impaired artists in the following ways:


Our flag-ship careers development training programme

Two white men sit cross legged on the floor, one with his back to us. The man facing us has his arms outstretched in a blur of movement towards to the other.

Associate Artists

We assist visually impaired artists develop and launch their own projects

A group of nine people and a guide dog stand in a circle with high energy in a black box theatre


A peer support forum for visually impaired artists to run one-off performance workshops for each other to share practice and ideas.

A white woman stands in front of two workshop participants. The woman has a light green ball in her hand, looking thoughtfully across the room while gesticulating

Creatives Database

We hold a database of visually impaired creatives and participants – Click below you wish to be added to this database to be contacted about future artist development activities

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