A group photo of the Super Power Panto R&D team standing next to each other in the rehearsal room, and a guide dog in the middle.

On October 4 visually impaired Extant actors joined three actors from children’s pantomime company Simply Smiley to start research on accessible panto for the first time. 

Claude, Billy Bright, Angel of Light, standing alongside Sir Sunblock who is gripping a cane with both hands.
Mickel Chris Chloe surprise next to each other with expressions of surprise on their face.

Artistic Directors Maria Oshodi and Shannon McNab led and were also joined by TV comedy start Kiell Smith-Bynoe to develop the storyline and humour around the theme of super power heroes. The Simply Smiley actors brought their years of experience creating panto and shared their techniques, and the Extant actors introduced integrated live access to these techniques, creating the beginning of a new blend of exciting panto performance! 

Kiell Smith-Bynoe laughing with his head thrown back
Claude, Billy Bright and Angel of Light high five in the background while Green Grass talks to Sir Sunblock.

Remember you heard it here first…!

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