Extant held a beginners guide to magic on Saturday 2 July 2011 at the Oval House Theatre.

Extant held a beginners guide to magic on Saturday 2 July 2011 at the Oval House Theatre. It was run by Paul Leacy (Stage name Max the Magician!).

Max the magician laughing with a participant

Christine juggling and smiling


The Workshop included:

1. Principles of Magic

Exploring Magic as 
means of non visual expression. What effects can be used for this.

Rope. Paul and Sandy try rope trick

Rope – Amelia holds up knotted rope  looking very happy

2. Basic sleight of hand using cards, coins, rope etc

Close up of hands hiding coins and participant smiling

3. Mindreading.

How to create the illusion that you can delve into a 
persons inner thoughts or make predictions.

  4. Allied Arts. Balloon modelling. How to make basic balloon shapes 
such as a dog, a hat, a sword and a flower.

Four participants Juggling. 

5. Juggling.

First steps….plate spinning and ball juggling. Imagining 
flight paths.   

Plate spinning – Johnny Kirin and Sandy

6. Beginning to put an act together

Working solo and as a team.

Juggling – Sandy and Amelia  happily having a go!

Seven visually impaired performers took part in the workshop – Some comments were:

“The workshop covered a broad spectrum of techniques, it would be good if individuals could request one specific area or trick to cover which is of particular interest to them i.e. handcuff escapology or vanishing illusions.”

“I enjoyed the workshop – It was fun! I may have over come my balloon phobia. I accidently burst one which I’ve never dun in my life and have never wanted too. The big test is whether I could do the whole unnatural action of twisting one again!”

It was a lovely day and I’d definitely do it again.

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