Riding the rhythm on customized tandems, Extant presented four blind performers in a musical theatre performance as never seen or heard before.

Riding the rhythm on customised tandems, Extant presents a musical theatre performance as never seen or heard before!

Two performers ride and sing on a tandem

Watch a video of the performance. Film produced by Braunarts.

Inspired by the famous musical ‘Gypsy’, Braunarts created a sound design for Extant that was transported upon tandem bikes, along with a cast of riders and performers. Commissioned for The Mayor of London’s Liberty Festival, this new piece presented a pedal partnership spectacular of moving music and song!

There were two performances at the Liberty Festival on Saturday 4 September 2010 in Trafalgar Square.



Maria Oshodi

Music Director

Terry Braun


Margo Cargill
Amelia Cavallo
Liam O’Carroll
Mickel Smithen

Front Riders

David Dansky
Tim Jeeves
Juliet Kemp
Julian Miller

Project & Production Manager

Christine Hathway

Production Assistant

Natalie Clarke

On-bike sound system designer

Simon Wheeler

Event Manager

Daniel Whewell

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The Liberty Festival celebrates the contribution of Deaf and Disabled people to London’s culture.

This year it includes:

  • Sport and arts
  • Aerial performance
  • Street arts
  • Children’s arts
  • Cabaret and comedy
  • Music

Saturday 4 September 2010
Location: Trafalgar Square
Time: 1pm-5pm

Liberty welcomes everybody and is friendly and accessible.

Website: http://www.london.gov.uk/media/mayor-press-releases/2012/08/liberty-festival-marks-10-years

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