Effing and Blinding! Cabaret


A flexible, fascinating and fun cabaret in the dark by a travelling blind troop performed in the UK, Berlin, Croatia and Finland.

Gigs so far

The third annual International Theatre Festival 9-15 November 2009

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Rich Mix – Thursday 4th and Friday 5th December 2009

At – Rich Mix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

Crosswells Inn, Whyley Walk, Oldbury – Friday 20th January, 2009

Five blind performers deliver songs and sketches of the absurd, enmeshed with a surreal, interactive audience experience.

What can the pitch black do for auditioning actors, selling property and the film industry&hellips;? These mysteries, together with the universal questions of “Whatever happened to Stephen Hawking?”” and “How did Charlton Heston actually die?”, will be revealed by The Effing and Blinding crew in this close-up rub with the risqué!

Burns Night – Thursday 25th January 2007

At – DANS LE NOIR Dinner in the Dark restaurant, 30-31 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DU

A McMadcap Cabaret of song, sketches and stupidity. Piping hot Haggis, a dram or two of whisky and then lean back, digest and be led through the darkest Burns Night ever. Nobody gets out Scot Free!


St Georges Day / Shakespeare’s Birthday – Monday 23rd April 2007

If you want to celebrate Englishness on our national day, where better than … a French restaurant! Dans Le Noir – 30-31 Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DU

Well, we owe them a lot the French: constantly losing battles, their tempers and all those Olympic bids. It was Kipling who said “If you can eat your dinner while all around are losing theirs” – or something like that. The English are experts at doggedly finishing a meal in a blackout, only this time instead of the Luftwaffe, the noise will be made by Effing ‘n’ Blinding! Despair and die as our four knights in their blinding armour of darkness charge forth and lance you with their celebration of all that’s spiffing about ye merry England and on Shakespeare’s birthday too, from the verse of the Bard to the songs of witty wheelchair-users and gay men. In a break from tradition, there will be no irony. Honest.guv.co.uk


Degenerate 4 – 10th and 11th August 2007

As part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe at Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5AX. Tel: 0131 225 7942

An anarchic cabaret that fearlessly trips to the dark side of the moon on a surreal rocket of scurrilous song and absurd sketches…What can the pitch dark do for auditioning actors, selling property and the film industry..? Come and find out From the Effing and Blinding crew who will also give you a classical take on some punk classics… and much much more!

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