Digital Flight Paths

August 2020

A black and white wide landscape shot of two white women on aerial silks mid-fall

Flight Paths, our epic multimedia production inspired by the Goze – blind female performers of medieval Japan – is brought to life on screen for the first time in a new digital retelling, co-commissioned by The Space.

Combining animation, aerial movement and creative audio description, Digital Flight Paths will be an interactive online experience featuring stories of travel, blindness and migration.

Through interactive navigation by the Goze, viewers will journey through a unique, multi-sensory experience of Japanese cultural history and storytelling.

Digital Flight Paths team:

Artistic Director, Extant: Maria Oshodi
Digital Distribution Associate, The Space: Holly Close
Project Manager (Digital Flight Paths), Extant: Rhianne Rowson
Marketing Assistant (Digital Flight Paths), Extant: Amelia Zhou
Producer & Editor: Nic Sandiland
Animator: Dave Packer
Web Consultant & Designer: Tim Jukes

Flight Paths cast and creatives:

Co-directors: Maria Oshodi & Kumiko Mendl
Writer: Glen Neath
Cast: Amelia Cavallo & Sarah Houbolt with Takashi Kikuchi & Victoria Oruwari and Meg Kubota as ‘The Voice’
Aerial & Movement: Vicki Amedume
Sound: Thor McIntyre-Burnie
Audio Technologist: Tarim
Designer: Becky Minto
Projections: Terry Braun
Lighting: Nao Nagai
Assistant Director: Julie Osman
Production Manager: Stacey Choudbury-Potter
Stage Manager: Beatrice Galloway
AV programmer: Libby Ward
Lighting Operator: Steve Lowe

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