Flight Paths

17 August 2020 - Permanently available

A digitally animated drawing of a blind Japanese woman walking in an open landscape in close up. She is in side profile, wearing a purple and light blue kimono patterned with orange flowers. The background is shaded in muted browns, and a pale yellow sun looms in the horizon.

Experience it now: http://flightpaths.extant.org.uk/

Flight Paths, our epic multimedia production inspired by the Goze – blind female performers of medieval Japan – is brought to life on screen for the first time in a new digital retelling, co-commissioned by The Space.

Combining animation, aerial movement and creative audio description, Flight Paths is an interactive online experience featuring stories of travel, blindness and migration.

Main Trailer (Audio Described):

Teaser Trailer (Audio Described):

Reviews & Selected Press:

★★★★ “Flight Paths is like nothing I’ve ever seen… the piece shows how easy it is to cater both for a visually impaired audience and performer without it even necessarily being obvious you are doing so.” – A Younger Theatre

“Stories are brilliantly melded together… This is an exhilarating update of the Goze story and timely.” – Japan Society

“A show that is layered in many ways and uses aerial performance, projections and audio description to create interweaving narratives and a different kind of storytelling” – Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor

Featured on The Guardian’s Lockdown Culture

Interview with Artistic Director Maria Oshodi on the Goze – BBC Radio 4, In Touch

Audience Reviews

“Put your headphones on and sit back and enjoy this amazing described experience. I feel like I’m in a different world. An animated blind musician (Goze) guides you through a landscape, meeting different characters some past, some present.” – Audience Member

“The online Flight Paths experience is wonderful. I really enjoyed the insight into the lives of the Goze. I enjoyed the interactive experience which gives the sense of taking control of the path you want to take. Great stuff Extant!” – Audience Member

“Loved this”  – Jo Paul

“This is really lovely” – Vicky Island

“Very stimulating” – Sue Rolfe

“Wow this is wonderful! (Of course, I knew it would be. It was nice to have the interviews with the cast and producers too.)” – David Hughes

“The way it pulls together so much history and lived experience (via so many different media!) is beautiful.” – Grace Joseph

“Brilliant! I’ve really enjoyed this new way of storytelling! When I was listening through headphones the performance was so real – I heard the sound of someone breathing on the left hand side, it just took me back right there!” – Nao Nagai

“I loved it for the sheer scope of the storytelling and the different elements that you have blended so seamlessly… as I travelled through the story and it began to unfurl, I saw the historical story of the Goze and the contemporary relevance. I also loved it from a staging point of view, the lighting, sound, projection, and recording… Absolutely bloody fantastic.” – Pamela Roberts

“I am absolutely loving the digital version of Flight Paths.” – Jodie Stus

“I think Flight Paths works beautifully and has many different layers to it and works really well as an interactive re-working of the show. The animation is wonderful and stylish and fits in seamlessly with all the other elements. You’ve done a brilliant job in tying everything together. I’m very impressed!” – Ludi

“It was amazing!” – Eight-year-old audience member

“Listened to Flight Paths and enjoyed it lots. Loved having the opportunity to take choices, rather like a virtual game, and I found the soundscape mesmerising” – Kirin Saeed

“Really enjoyed Flight Paths. It made me want to try the aerial silks! Great work… Fantastic!” – Odette Battarel

“I enjoyed Flight Paths. It was a great story and digital production. I was bewitched by the fascinating aerial.” – Kingo Sawada

“I’ve gotten lost in this wonderful, seamless world you have created. What a joy! I will keep returning to it for a while yet.” – Sian Habell-Aili

Flight Paths (2020) team:

Artistic Director, Extant: Maria Oshodi
Producer & Editor: Nic Sandiland
Project Manager, Extant: Rhianne Rowson
Animator: Dave Packer
Web Consultant & Designer: Tim Jukes
Digital Distribution Associate, The Space: Holly Close
Marketing Assistant, Extant: Amelia Zhou
Illustrator: Inko Ai Takita
Translator: Tomoko Komura
Voice Performance: Aya Nakamura

Flight Paths (2019) cast and creatives:

Co-directors: Maria Oshodi & Kumiko Mendl
Writer: Glen Neath
Cast: Amelia Cavallo & Sarah Houbolt with Takashi Kikuchi & Victoria Oruwari and Meg Kubota as ‘The Voice’
Aerial & Movement: Vicki Amedume
Sound: Thor McIntyre-Burnie
Audio Technologist: Tarim
Designer: Becky Minto
Projections: Terry Braun
Lighting: Nao Nagai
Assistant Director: Julie Osman
Production Manager: Stacey Choudbury-Potter
Stage Manager: Beatrice Galloway
AV programmer: Libby Ward
Lighting Operator: Steve Lowe

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