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Huge thanks to our respondents who completed our summer survey. Your answers are helping us hone how we communicate with members whether sighted or visually impaired. One of the most interesting facts we gleaned was around how visually impaired people interact with social media, with 42% of visually impaired respondents reporting they find social media inaccessible.

However, despite Facebook topping the complaints list for design flaws, it’s also the most popular social media site with 40% of visually impaired respondents using it regularly and a further 10% occasionally. That’s over double the number who access Twitter in any way. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 70% of visually impaired people say they use mobile or app versions to make social media sites more accessible, with 24 different interfaces named including Qube, Instantbird and Socialeyes.

We were also delighted to hear the high value placed on our work by members. 83% of respondents value Extant for creating innovative performing arts with a visually impaired viewpoint at its centre, and 90% value us for providing opportunities for young people. (To read more about our work for young people, check out our new Radio Play project.)

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