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A grid of 12 tiny coloured ink drawings of Directors and tutors on Zoom, landscape format. This composite set of drawings is set out in a gallery style to mimic the Zoom screen. There are also two blank tiles, one showing the person icon for someone who has their video turned off

Pathways Directors Showcase – Zoom Watch Party

Posted on: 8 Feb 2022

Extant is delighted to invite you to the online Zoom showing of the Pathways Directors Showcase. This online event is a filmed screening of the live Pathways Directors showcase which originally took place on 28 January 2022 at the Cockpit. The screening is for anyone who missed the in-person showcase, those who’d like to view the works again, or […]

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A purple flower growing out of a white hospital bed, a splatter of red blood on its sheets. The background of the image is all black.

States of Mind

Posted on: 24 Sep 2021

Visually impaired Shakespearean director Christopher Hunter penetrated the dark heart of Shakespeare’s sensationally successful poem Venus and Adonis to create States of Mind, produced by Extant.

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The participating writers sit in a row on stage, with the backs of the front row of the audience in the foreground. A white woman on the right is facing the audience, receiving questions for a Q&A

The Write Stage

Posted on: 20 Apr 2020

In October 2017, Extant paired seven writers with seven professional mentors for the Write Stage project. Over four months, participants worked together to develop seven individual pieces of new writing, which was presented by an integrated cast of visually impaired actors and directors in a live performance. Funded by Arts Council England and The Drapers’ […]

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A group of eight workshop participants sitting in a circle on stage in a black box theatre. A man is sitting with legs crossed in the back with his hands in a 'what if' pose while the others sit crosslegged or on chairs with their attention to him

Pathways Directors Summer Online Masterclasses

Posted on: 17 Mar 2020

These three summer online workshops will offer our Pathways Directors the chance to explore stimuli, research accompanying themes and build ideas for our proposed face-to-face masterclass intensive in Autumn.

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A close up of a white woman with electric blue lightning makeup on her right eye and smoky blue eyeshadow on the other. She is wearing a purple coat with fur collar and grasping a microphone.


Posted on: 22 Jan 2020

Tinted is a revolutionary disabled response to the #metoo hashtag. Staged as accessibly as possible and written by disabled playwright Amy Bethan Evans (Libby’s Eyes, BBC Access Room, Kudos Fellowship shortlist and producer of Access Platform) Tinted is the debut full-length monologue from company Scripped Up, championing D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent writers. Tinted started as a […]

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A group of participants in flamenco class standing in a large circle, their arms outstretched and curved in motion. A black and white image.

Dance Stage

Posted on: 26 Oct 2019

Dance Stage was a program of dance classes open to all visually impaired adults at any level of experience or ability.

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A close up shot of two white men standing facing each other. One wears a long silver tinsel wig and the other looks at him, with a confused expression.

Catching the Ghost

Posted on: 9 Oct 2019

Catching the Ghost is back! This play is being performed at Nozstock Festival on 24th July 2022, with Chris and Steve returning to the roles. Information available here:

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A white man with tied back ginger hair sits on a chair leaning towards a black woman who is reaching out her arm and touching his face. Behind them is a white man with short dark hair who is making noises with a keyboard, and metal cups. To the left of the image stand two white women, the one with dark hair is whispering in the ear of the one with light blonde hair.

The Man Who Saw Backwards

Posted on: 9 Oct 2019

The Man Who Saw Backwards In 2018 Extant supported visually impaired actor Esther Elliott with her first-time writing project, by providing a week of research and development time in a venue with a professional, visually impaired cast, and directing consultation by Maria Oshodi. Esther’s take on Shakespeare’s King Lear relocated much of the action to […]

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Black and white photo of participants on stage at mac Birmingham for the final sharing

Awards for All 2017

Posted on: 29 Jun 2017

The West Midlands Awards for All project culminated at the end of May in a fantastic performance, Getting On With Life by Connect and Co at mac Birmingham. 

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A group of older women sit around a table in the foyer at Stratford Arts Centre talking to a younger access worker.

Spirit of Resistance

Posted on: 19 Jul 2016

An intergenerational project inspired by Extant's 2005 production of Resistance.

You can now watch the new legacy film (below) with behind-the-scenes footage from both the 2005 production and last year's commemorative project.

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A member of the group sits in the rehearsal space with the director as he casts his hands out wide with his glasses in one hand.

Unexpected: Youth Theatre 2016

Posted on: 17 May 2016

'Unexpected' was a four-month long project which culminated in a public performance exploring personal stories of sight loss.

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Group photo of participants in the project

Show Real Miracles

Posted on: 2 Apr 2015

Read about the project funded by Greater London Fund for the Blind in early 2015 that sparked this performers' gallery of show reels.

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