The logo for Eye Say, Eye Say, Eye Say: Upon a black background, a pupil in the middle of the image is outlined with the words 'Eye Say Eye Say Eye Say' bolded and in white, in the shape of an eye. Small, multicoloured stars surround the eye on the two top corners of the image. The Extant and Bloomsbury Festival logos are on the bottom of the image.

At the Bloomsbury Festival
Saturday 17 October 2020, 6pm show-time


Georgie Morrell
Ashrafia Choudhury

Terry James
Steven Reed
Naqi Rizvi
Michael Henriques
Amy Bethan Evans
Chris Campion
Samuel Brewer
Michelle Felix
Mark Norman
Kirin Saeed
Stephen Portlock

With thanks to the Vision Foundation and the Garrick Charitable Trust.

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