Two white women in blond curly hair pieces perch on a table full of cables entwined with musical instruments and microphones.
The Undefinable, She Goat. Image © James Allan 2018

We have been working with the amazing company She Goat to deliver our audio description dramaturgy ‘Enhance 1’.

She Goat is the franglais collaboration of Eugénie Pastor and Shamira Turner, associate artists of award-winning Little Bulb Theatre. Together, they are interested in blurring the territories of theatre and live music, extravagant multi-tasking, and reclaiming what it means to be two women on stage.

The undefinable is a live radio gig-theatre about unconventional relationships and doing love differently.  She-Goat’s the Undefinable will be showing at The Camden Peoples Theatre from the 10th to the 21st December 2019.

Watch the audio described trailer to get a taste of our work on this mesmerising show:

For more information and ticketing follow the link below!

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