We challenged the young participants of our Radio Play project, a course on radio script-writing for visually impaired 16 to 30-year-olds, to come up with their own ideas for what happened to Helen next. These were worked into scripted radio scenes with support and mentoring from Artistic Director Maria Oshodi. We’ve recorded our favourite three as podcasts with the help of visually impaired sound engineer Ian Rattray.

The story so far…

Our ever-hopeful heroine Helen joins blind and partially sighted people from across the world in Zagreb, to take part in a medical trial that claims to restore sight in 24 hours. At the mysterious ‘Sloboda Clinic’, Professor Cudo’s experimental drug is administered via injection to the forehead, and triggered by ultrasound waves played through headphones. The cure takes full effect the following morning. Helen is too scared to take the treatment and returns to the group’s hotel full of mixed feelings. When she checks on the other patients in the morning, they have disappeared from their rooms, leaving baffling and worrying clues behind. Her frantic search of the hotel reveals the clinic’s nurse, who tells her the truth – the cure works, with one unfortunate side effect: patients turn into zombies who are driven to eat others’ eyeballs. In the final scene, Helen and the nurse find themselves trapped in a lift with ravenous zombies outside the door…. Now listen on!

Podcast credits

Avita Jay as the Nurse and Ria
Chris Campion as Steve, The Professor and assorted zombie sounds
Katy Slater as Helen
Production by Clear Voice Media

More from the team

Listen to sound bites about the process of creating the spin-off podcasts:

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