Behind the scenes images

Close up of zombie eye prosthetic surrounded by teeth

Above: a zombie eye surrounded by teeth.

one of our American actors prepares to don his prosthetic Zombie eye

Above: actor prepares to don the prosthetic Zombie eye

Artistic Director Maria Oshodi shares a team hug with two fellow Zombies in full make up and bloodied costumes

Above: Three zombies in costume

Extant actor John Goddard sits awaiting final make-up additions, on location a stairwell in Croatia, he wears dishevelled clothes and pair of hideous prosthetic eyes

Above: actor John Wilson Goddard in makeup

Zombies Maria and Stripe have apparently lost something, looking down at the floor in Zombie costume and make-up

Above:  Zombies Maria and Stripe have lost something!

Zombies Maria and Stripe grin incongruously at camera wearing horrific prosthetic Zombie eyes and bloody makeup

Above: Zombies Maria and Stripe smile for the camera

Artistic Director Maria Oshodi walks back from location to the hotel, still wearing a blood-stained nightie from filming

Above: Maria still in bloodied nightgown, walking back to the hotel through Zagreb

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