Our work this year is kindly funded by the Greater London Fund for the Blind.

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All young people deserve to have access to the arts, and to be able to deliver a project that includes those who may feel excluded by social norms is a joy. We are, by example, I hope, demonstrating that it is possible to be involved in theatre, and I hope we can give space for the expression of visually impaired young people's experiences and interests though the liberating vehicle that theatre can be.

Heather Gilmore, Extant youth theatre.

The following centres have been selected since they offer accessible venues to the greatest numbers of visually impaired young people. All Extant's workshop leaders are visually impaired professionals working in dance and drama.

13-18 year olds


Glenthorne School, SM3 9PS

This centre is easily reached from Sutton Common mainline station.


Lambeth Academy, SW4 9ET

This centre is easily reached from Clapham Common underground station


Sixth Form College, N17 8HR

This centre is near White Hart Lane mainline station

18-25 year olds

London College – to be announced

The workshop leaders include: Heather Gilmore, Christine Laurence, Joanne Newson and Amelia Cavallo, along with others who are all visually impaired theatre professionals with experience in running youth and community drama workshops.

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