I started doing drama in school and I found out that I enjoyed it very much so I took it as a GCSE. While doing drama at school I heard about a drama club for visually impaired kids called Extant, and I thought it would be something fun to do while I wasn't at school.The drama club was held after school hours at another school not too far from mine.

Through Extant's drama club I have learnt new ways of acting and ways to project my voice; I have also made lots of new friends. Drama club has bean a lot of fun and I intend to keep going.

While I was at drama club a film director heard about me and she asked me to star in a film she was directing. And of course I said yes! The film was being filmed over in Sicily. I was in Sicily for over a week filming and I found that filming for the first time was a wonderful experience, and it was amazing to see what happens behind the scenes on a film set. It was very different to what I expected a film set would be like. If I was ever allowed to do a film again I would, and I would owe all this to Extant drama club.

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