Extant challenges the idea held in mainstream theatre, that blindness impedes exciting physical performance. We have developed working methods with blind actors that have started to break down these barriers of thought. We bring our experience and practice in this field to our youth theatre work aimed at 13-25 year old people with a visual impairment, who are interested in drama and performance

The youth theatre sessions are structured to a creative programme which includes:

  • Exercises and games, which aim to loosen the body, create spatial and object awareness, as well as increase confidence in movement.
  • Building characterization, improvisation, storytelling, conflict and ensemble work.
  • Working with text and how to interpret this both physically and vocally
  • Skills for making the work accessible to visually impaired people and their audience.
  • The sessions will offer an additional element of physicality, which is the general Extant approach to drama practice.

Sighted friends are welcome to join in the groups. At the end of each term, groups present a short piece of their work to an invited audience of friends and family.

The youth theatres aim to provide a stimulating introduction to drama in a safe environment where young people can develop confidence and creative skills. They also offer opportunities to link in with mainstream local and national youth theatre initiatives as well as the long term aim of showcasing and integrating work in West End theatre.

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