Broadcast and podcast details:

Weekly via Aculco’s internet radio station starting on Saturday 6 August 4.30pm

Each broadcast will include  an interview with  a writer, the tutor Alex Bulmer and reading of an extract from the writer's script by Rachel Drazek, Susan Harrison and BBC Radio’s Gerard McDermott and Carl Prekopp.

After each broadcast, Podcasts of the weekly show will be made available on this page and via Acolco radio’s website.

Order of pieces:

  1. Maltese Canary by Andrew Davies
  2. Selky Cove by Kerstin Hern
  3. Seizure by Louise Jenkins
  4. A Role of my Own by Kirin  Saeed
  5. Helen by Stephen Portlock
  6. One Saturday Afternoon by Cristof Leisure
  7. Decision by Amelia  Cavallo
  8. One Night by David Wilkins
  9. Buskers Haul by Sandy Easton

Aculco Radio

ACULCO Radio is an independent web radio station broadcasting from Brixton in South London to more than 90 countries in the world. It produces more than 40 hours of its own material per week on arts, design, poetry, youth culture, music, news and sport. Our programmes are broadcast mainly in two languages Spanish and English. It is opinionated, accessible, informed but informal and gives voice to those who would otherwise remain silent.

Each Writing Stage broadcast is followed at 5pm by  Extant  associate Rikki Jodelko  and his regular live programme in Spanish called ‘Cita Ciega’ (Blind Date.)

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