Two male thumbs holding a sheet of paper, which reads, 'You now need to find 7 other members of your cast'Young white male with short dark hair stands in front of mic reading from a sheet with a green scarf around his neck, while others in same scarves stand behind him.

Necessary items:

  • A good size crowd (Between 50-130)
  • The film lines, envelopes and respective casts coloured scarves (Provided by Extant)
  • A Master of Ceremonies to conduct proceedings
  • A few small prizes for the winning casts.

Rules – Delivered by MC:

  • We are going to give you all an envelope each.
  • When everyone has received their envelope, you will open them at the same time.
  • Inside the envelope you will find a sheet of paper and a smaller envelope.
  • Just remove the sheet of paper and on this you will find a line from a film within quote marks.
  • This is your line for the night.
  • Below this line is written the number of other characters from your film who you will need to locate, amongst tonight's gathering
  • Once the game starts your task is simply to move about the party, quoting your line at who ever you come across and asking to hear theirs in order to work out whether they are from the same film as yours.
  • You might be able to do this because you just happen to recognise the film that your line is from and will know straight away if some one else's is from yours or not,
  • If you don't recognise your line, don't worry because there will be clues in your line, such as the style of language, or maybe a name or the subject matter that might help you match your line with another.
  • Try to help each other, so if someone you come across doesn't know which film their line is from and you do, let them know,
  • Also, if you have come across someone earlier who you think has the same line as someone you are talking to now, try to point them out in the crowd.
  • Spread out, keep moving and don't get too stuck in conversations because the first six casts to successfully find each other will win some great prizes,
  • The smaller envelope inside the bigger one is only to be opened when you think you have gathered all the members of your cast together.
  • All your cast team should open their smaller envelopes at this point.
  • Inside you will find a coloured scarf.
  • If all your cast members' scarves are the same colour, then you can let the MC know. If any of the scarves are the wrong colour, then you put the scarves away and your search continues for your missing cast members
  • Any questions?
  • Stay where you are and our assistants will come around and give you your envelopes now.
  • Check if everyone has an envelope, then instruct them to open their envelopes together.

Let the Cast Party begin!

*When a cast has all got together, they can let the MC know so a record can be kept of what cast has come 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. When all casts have managed to find each other, the game is brought to an end with the winning casts delivering their lines as a team and being presented with their prizes.

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