Full length blue turquoise lit bar, with three staff standing behind and two party guests standing in front talking to each other.In front of metal vertical cylinder, on left black woman in yellow top holds a glass, and on right a white man in red top puts a black scarf around his head.

Here is a sample of comments written in the guest book on the night.

  • “Excellent! Funny! Great I loved it! Though my white scarf cast has been dismantled and it's a shame, cos I had rehearsed my line with a theatre director here in order to say it lovely – Thank you dear Maria” Gabriel Yarid
  • “Good interesting experiment – Be interested to hear how it was for other people” Steve Webber
  • “Thank you Maria It was such good fun – I loved it!” Rani Khana
  • “A wonderful event – one might call it a form of enforced socialisation. The architectural design was indeed perfect for the visual concept – Pairing describers with visually impaired folks, but it presented audio problems. It was almost impossible to hear/understand speech through the PA if you were more than 10ft away. Never the less congratulations on a wonderfully rewarding event” Amanda Vincent
  • “Really good fun! Quicker than I thought it would be, but loved what there was of it.” Adam Carr
  • “Really interesting Thought provoking, feeding into my own work – a good start – could go further, but audiences were hard.” Catherine Long
  • “There needs to be a lot more experiments and incentives like this or at least ones that are fun, enlightening and informative – Thanks for invite” Semsem Kuherhi
  • ” I think this was a fantastic experiment – It was great that it happened and I'd like to know what the organisers identified as the learning outcomes – How those can be shared and learning progressed – Well done to all” Claire Saddleton Graeae
  • “A very enjoyable experience – Well done – Thank you from Christina Brown
  • “Bloody marvellous Maria! Great event, lots to expand on – Can I join in please?” Jane Hall
  • “Hi Maria, it was great! I wonder if it could go on longer next time… just because I was enjoying it so much. Best Ben Evans
  • “There needs to be lots more experiments like this – More power to you Extant!” Blaize Wells.
  • “Had to control myself when a visually impaired person came near me and I had to check my natural instinct to try to help, as that was not the purpose of this event and I could see they were being accessed very well through their ear piece.” Mary Place
  • “It was strange and disconcerting coming in and looking up and seeing all these secret agent's dotted up on the balconies looking down at us.” Simon Walters

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