On Tuesday 25 January 2005 Peter Brook visited Extant during rehearsals for Resistance.

Director Eileen Dillon and choreographer Aidan Treays led the cast through a morning of discussion and exploration of games, movement and text, and then showed some scenes from the play to Peter Brook.

I read the Jacques Lusseyran book ten or fifteen years ago and thought it was wonderful.

You are working in a very rich area. Good luck and I would very much like to see the production when it’s complete.

Peter Brook.

For the full press release for Resistance click on the Resistance Press Release on the links table

Photographs of Peter Brook’s visit to the Resistance rehersals.

Peter brook having a coffee whilst discussing the production with Extant staff

Peter Brook discussing the production with the Extant team

Peter Brook, standing, watches the production team discussing the rehearsal

Peter Brooke, seated, right, watches the rehersal of Resistance

Scene from the rehersal

Peter Brook, evidently enjoying the performance

Peter Brook, standing right, observing the rehersal of Resistance

Peter Brook listening to a discussion of the play by Extant staff

Extant performers discussing the script

A scene from the rehersal

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