Have you ever tapped your foot to a beat, or drummed your fingers in a pattern? Then come and explore rhythm and sound through tap, the original ‘street-dance’. With roots in cultures all around the world, this percussive dance can be as energetic or relaxed as you wish to make it, and learnt by anyone with a sense of rhythm who can move their feet.

This introductory course will teach you the basic vocabulary of tap, from which you will be able to build your own style. There will be short routines, with and without music, plus general dance tips. You will need tap shoes and comfortable clothing to allow freedom of movement.

Close up of tap shoes dancing

Photo by Kate Lovell

I've had so much fun, the teachers have made it easy to take part by describing what they mean, rather than performing the move and expecting me to follow. Thanks!

An enlightening and energising experience, I like to learn through experience and this gave me a good understanding of what contemporary dance is all about.

several tap shoes dancing

About the tutor:

Penny Smith is founder and director of the only British tap dance association for adults: ‘Associated Tap Dancers.’ She holds a Masters degree in Learning and Development and teaches dance and fitness to both disabled and non-disabled people.

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