The Tim Gebbels Bursary

Still of Tim Gebbels for Extant's Show Real project. Tim in light grey jumper and black jacket standing with hands in his pockets

The Tim Gebbels Bursary Fund

In February 2017, Extant lost a dear friend and long-time collaborator, Tim Gebbels. Tim made a huge contribution to our theatre company since we started 20 years ago, and an even bigger contribution to the performing arts sector and its attitude towards visually impaired people.

Gary O'Donoghue launches the Tim Gebbels Bursary Fund - watch the appeal film here

Extant has set up the Tim Gebbels Bursary Fund through which other visually impaired artists will be able to follow their dreams. We are asking people who knew and were inspired by Tim's work to donate to the fund by the end of January 2018. 

You can donate to the fund by visiting our MyDonate page.

During February 2018, we will be inviting nominations from and on behalf of UK-based visually impaired artists who want to try something new - perhaps developing a new idea or undertaking some training - and we will award bursaries to as many artists as we are able to.

Decisions will be made by an independent panel announced by the end of March 2018.

Please give what you can to ensure that the next generation of visually impaired artists have the opportunity to make successful careers in the arts.

Thank you for your support.