Flight Paths

Project introduction:

Extant have been working in collaboration with writer Glen Neath, Yellow Earth Theatre and Upswing,  to develop our next production, FLIGHT PATHS - a new piece of theatre that intergrates aerial movement, music and live description. We are currently booking the show for a UK tour in Spring 2019.


For this project we have been working alongside Yellow Earth (the UK's award winning British East Asian Theatre Company), Vicki Amedume from Upswing (a leading contemporary circus theatre company), and writer Glen Neath, to explore aerial movement, music, song, narrative and live description. These elements interact with one another to produce new, imaginative ways to deliver accessible live performance. 

Three performers - Amelia, Takashi and Victoria - pose by the railing of an outdoor airport terrace, with bags and white canes. Behind them are various buildings and concrete levels of the airport surrounds  From left to right - Victoria, Takashi and Amelia - walk down the centre of two travelators in the Departures area. The space around them is brightly lit by two thin strip lights above their heads  Side on photo of performers walking in a line, in front of large signage that reads 'International Arrivals' and silhouette impressions of passengers walking in the same direction 
Promotional photos for FLIGHT PATHS 2019 tour.

Flight Paths is inspired by the traditions of Biwa Hoshi players: blind itinerant performers from medieval Japan who earned their living reciting tales to biwa music. In response, four visually impaired artists have been exploring their personal stories of migration to the UK.

The creative team of four collaborators huddle together and smile at the camera, except for Glen Neath who turns to look over to his left
Image of the creative team from the 2014 R&D at the Albany theatre, Deptford.

See an example of Flight Paths’ approach to innovative, integrated audio description by watching the video below:


For more information on our collaborators you can visit their websites:

Glen Neath

Yellow Earth Theatre

Vicki Amedume: Upswing

Project News

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