Britain's leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people is led by Artistic Director and CEO Maria Oshodi. Extant has become an innovation in arts management and creative practice, bringing a unique cultural perspective of visual impairment to broaden employment, training and consultancy through the arts.

Our latest project is our spring 2016 tour of Ionesco's The Chairs.

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Graphic with the words The Chairs in white on a dark background. One of the letters h resembles a chair

The Chairs Spring 2016 Tour on sale

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A room from above, with a circle of participants taking part in a warm up game

Could you be an Extant trainer?

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A man crawls athletically across the floor, back to camera, towards a teacher holding a drum. Other participants look on

Extant Physical Theatre Programme: Manchester

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A young woman with red coloured weave in her long hair gestures with both arms out to the side

Extant Physical Theatre Programme: Birmingham

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I’m proud to be a patron of Extant, and feel inspired by the company’s ability put the talents of visually impaired artists to so creatively at the heart of its work, giving us a unique perspective on the arts.

Juliet Stevenson MBE, Extant patron