Welcome to the Extant Podcast page! This is our new podcast series launched in 2017 with the help of our podcast Producer Ian Rattray of Clear Voice Enterprises. Each episode is hosted by a different visually impaired presenter, and you’ll find each episode featuring a wealth of reports on exciting national and international Extant activities, as well as  additional in-depth interviews with some of our great artists and partners.  Below you can put your ear against the Extant wall and hear what’s really going on!

Extant’s 20th Anniversary - Short Film

20th anniversary title screenshot from video Click to watch video [06:57]

Tim Gebbels Bursary

Still of Tim Gebbels for Extant's Show Real project. Tim in light grey jumper and black jacket standing with hands in his pocket Click to watch video [04:22]

‘Getting on with Life’ Full Performance

Click to watch video [35:35]

Getting on with Life

Click to watch video [07:49]

The Chairs: Spring 2016 Tour Highlights

Click to watch video [07:22]

Flatland R&D Documentary

Click to watch video [10:19]

Spirit of Resistance Legacy Film Finale

Click to watch video [42:15]

Spirit of Resistance: Performance Highlights

Click to watch video [11:55]

Unexpected: Final Group Performance

Screengrab from video of performance Click to watch video [3:50]

Regional Hub Building - Year 1

Performers taking part in workshop Click to watch video [12:16]

ZombieyeZ in Zagreb trailer

Image still from the trailer video showing an eye chart - amongst the letters, you can read E Y E Z Click to watch video [00:02:02]

Anita Barzey showreel

Anita Barzey profile image Click to watch video [02:17]

Andrew Hodgson showreel

Andrew Hodgson profile image Click to watch video [07:03]

Mickel Smithen showreel

Mikel in drag Click to watch video [03:13]

Nayantika Shah showreel

Nayantika Shah smiling Click to watch video [04:29]

Maggie Tolmie showreel

Maggie Tolmie arms outstretched during a monologue Click to watch video [02:34]

‘I dance’ 2014

A Middle Eastern woman looks ecstatic as she dances ballroom with her hand on her male partner's shoulder Click to watch video [02.34]

Ionesco’s The Chairs 2014

Maria Oshodi sits talking to actors Heather and John, who is holding a prop mop. Film about The Chairs tour, spring 2014 Click to watch video [00:01:11]

Adam Spiers ‘This Happened’ talk 2012

White male with glasses speaking in front of a projected photo of the Haptic Lotus Device. Film of a talk about this project Click to watch video [23:35]

One Short Day in Essex 2011

Young performers in witches hats and masks. Film of participation project Click to watch video [17:13]

The Cast Party 2006

Overhead view of audience members looking at scripts while someone above talks into a microphone. Film about a performance event Click to watch video [3:42]

Resistance 2005-6

Headshot of young white male actor taken from below, with shadow of a soldier's hand reach. Film of a touring production Click to watch video [3:19]

Zeros and Nils 2002

Poster image: a white silhouette of a character on stage casts a shadow against a red background. Film about a production Click to watch video [04:47]

Forum Theatre Project 2007

Adult actors seated, many raising their hands responding to a question. Film about an R&D project Click to watch video [9:48]

Youth Theatre 2008

A white boy and girl use a skipping rope in a dance studio. Film of participation work Click to watch video [9:58]

Original Extant Research 1998

A dancer stretches on the floor, in the spotlight on a black stage. Film about research programme Click to watch video [5:39]