Rhianne Rowson — Administrator

A young woman with blonde, her face resting in her hands, her elbows resting on a table out of sight. she wears a long-sleeved white top with thin black stripes.

As a recent graduate of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, with a BA Hons in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education, Rhianne has previous experience in teaching youth theatre.

Over the autumn term of 2017, she undertook an 8-week placement with Extant researching our new development programme and then as project coordinator of the Write Stage in the winter of 2017/18.

Rhianne has been administrator at Extant since May 2018. 

Catching the Ghost

Title card - white text on black Click to watch video [09:35]

Extant’s 20th Anniversary - Short Film

20th anniversary title screenshot from video Click to watch video [06:57]

Tim Gebbels Bursary

Still of Tim Gebbels for Extant's Show Real project. Tim in light grey jumper and black jacket standing with hands in his pocket Click to watch video [04:22]

‘Getting on with Life’ Full Performance

Click to watch video [35:35]

Getting on with Life

Click to watch video [07:49]

The Chairs: Spring 2016 Tour Highlights

Click to watch video [07:22]

Flatland R&D Documentary

Click to watch video [10:19]

Spirit of Resistance Legacy Film Finale

Click to watch video [42:15]

Spirit of Resistance: Performance Highlights

Click to watch video [11:55]

Unexpected: Final Group Performance

Screengrab from video of performance Click to watch video [3:50]

Regional Hub Building - Year 1

Performers taking part in workshop Click to watch video [12:16]

ZombieyeZ in Zagreb trailer

Image still from the trailer video showing an eye chart - amongst the letters, you can read E Y E Z Click to watch video [00:02:02]

Anita Barzey showreel

Anita Barzey profile image Click to watch video [02:17]

Andrew Hodgson showreel

Andrew Hodgson profile image Click to watch video [07:03]

Mickel Smithen showreel

Mikel in drag Click to watch video [03:13]

Nayantika Shah showreel

Nayantika Shah smiling Click to watch video [04:29]

Maggie Tolmie showreel

Maggie Tolmie arms outstretched during a monologue Click to watch video [02:34]

‘I dance’ 2014

A Middle Eastern woman looks ecstatic as she dances ballroom with her hand on her male partner's shoulder Click to watch video [02.34]

Ionesco’s The Chairs 2014

Maria Oshodi sits talking to actors Heather and John, who is holding a prop mop. Film about The Chairs tour, spring 2014 Click to watch video [00:01:11]

Adam Spiers ‘This Happened’ talk 2012

White male with glasses speaking in front of a projected photo of the Haptic Lotus Device. Film of a talk about this project Click to watch video [23:35]

One Short Day in Essex 2011

Young performers in witches hats and masks. Film of participation project Click to watch video [17:13]

The Cast Party 2006

Overhead view of audience members looking at scripts while someone above talks into a microphone. Film about a performance event Click to watch video [3:42]

Resistance 2005-6

Headshot of young white male actor taken from below, with shadow of a soldier's hand reach. Film of a touring production Click to watch video [3:19]

Zeros and Nils 2002

Poster image: a white silhouette of a character on stage casts a shadow against a red background. Film about a production Click to watch video [04:47]

Forum Theatre Project 2007

Adult actors seated, many raising their hands responding to a question. Film about an R&D project Click to watch video [9:48]

Youth Theatre 2008

A white boy and girl use a skipping rope in a dance studio. Film of participation work Click to watch video [9:58]

Original Extant Research 1998

A dancer stretches on the floor, in the spotlight on a black stage. Film about research programme Click to watch video [5:39]