Project introduction:

 ‘ComBUStion’ was conceived by one of Extant’s visually impaired  artists and developed into a performance exploration between Extant in collaboration with playful public realm arts company, Bureau of Silly Ideas (BOSI)


In the Summer of 2015 we worked together with visually impaired performers to discover what performance possibilities the ubiquitous London double Decker bus could offer, both on and off board. The outcome of some of this exploration was shared in a presentation in July 2015 at the Liberty disability arts Festival on the National Paralympic Day celebration at Queen Elizabeth Park, Stratford.

We invited audiences to form an orderly queue at the bus stop, and wait for their chance to participate in a London Bus ride with a difference...

Bus attendant Mikel holds out an inflatable parrot and lizard to attract passengers' attention. Behind him is the front of the bus and to his left a circular bus stop sign.

Two passengers, a man and woman, sit next to each other on the bus. The woman is wearing a blindfold and the light from the bus window is reflecting off her face as she tilts her head up.