Projects : Research and Development

Flatland: An adventure in many dimensions

February - March 2015

A sideways shot of the poster for Flatland in black and white, inside a window frame. Blending into the image is a reflection of a large tree and park outside on a summery day.

Flatland is a collaboration between Extant, the UK's leading performing arts company of visually impaired artists, robotics engineer and research scientist Dr Ad Spiers, and Janet van der Linden...

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Flight Paths


A man sits upright on a chair in front of black background. His feet are tied together by a length of red cloth, and two other performers hold the ends of the cloth, kneeling behind him to the right and left. Together with the cloth they form a swooping triangle shape.

Extant are working in collaboration with writer Glen Neath, Yellow Earth Theatre and Upswing,  to develop Flight Paths - a new piece that intergrates aerial movement, music...

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Maria in pool of light raised to sitting with arms extended.

Extant’s formative exploration into stage language and movement.

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Heather Gilmore, Billy Baxter and Amelia Cavallo in a line singing

Based on an initial six day research and development project into burlesque, Extant is developing a full length show that will merge this style with comedy and visual impairment.

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The Question

June 2010

Close up of the Haptic Lotus held in a hand

A collaborative immersive theatre research project between Extant, BAC and the Open University exploring haptic technology in relation to navigation, perception and knowledge. Visit the project's micro-site

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