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The Chairs 2016

April 2016

Shot of the Old Man, Orator (standing on a bucket) and Old Woman, facing the audience as a trio, brightly lit. Old Man with head tucked down and Old Woman smiling up as The Orator detecting transmissions using a wrist device.

In Spring 2016, Extant remounted its production of The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco, originally conceived in 2014, for a tour that travelled to venues in Harlow, Birmingham, Manchester and London.

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2015 and ongoing

In the foreground a sign for ComBUStion with a cartoon of a red bus and children excited to board. Next to this sign is another saying 'Please note you'll be offered a blindfold.' In the background is the double decker Combustion bus with the conductor and members of the public standing beside it.

 ‘ComBUStion’ was conceived by one of Extant’s visually impaired  artists and developed into a performance exploration between Extant in collaboration with playful public realm...

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The Chairs

Spring 2014

Click for the production page. Image: Ghostly figures sit on chairs in a dilapidated room, threatening storm clouds can be seen above

Our 2014 spring tour was of Ionesco's tragic farce, The Chairs, in a translation by Martin Crimp. Our unique interpretation featured visually impaired cast and director, as well...

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ZombieyeZ in Zagreb

October 2013 - Dec 2015

Banner image for the project - an image of an eye, tinted in a medical shade of green

How far did they go to get their sight back? Watch the new trailer for ZombieyeZ in Zagreb! 

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Spring 2012

Poster for sheer - large text reads 'Sheer' illuminated from a shard of light coming from off-frame.

For its 15 year anniversary, Extant, the UK’s only professional performing arts company of visually impaired people, presents Sheer. Extant takes its company of outstanding blind artists and blends...

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Summer 2009

A composite image of the Peter Harrison Planetarium cone, surrounded by reflecting water

A site specific outdoor promenade performance involving story telling, live music, visual art and a 16 speaker spatialised sound scape performed at Greenwich and Trafalgar Square.

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Lynn Manning on stage, his arm in motion across his face

The Premiere UK tour of blind African American playwright, poet, actor and athlete, Lynn Manning in his one man autobiographical show.

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Zeros And Nils


Flyer- a white silhouette at the edge of a stage against a red background. White zeros of different sizes represent an audience.

Extant produces the first-ever use of audio description and simultaneous language translation in their premiere of Croatia’s New Life theatre, who tour the UK in Zeros and Nils...

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Effing and Blinding! Cabaret


Silhouette of 3 performers against a black and white grid, their heads lowered, hands joined and arms bent at elbow to create impression of a jigsaw.

A flexible fascinating and fun Cabaret act performed anywhere, anytime for anyone... for a price!

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A German officer snarls, pulling his victim's head backwards

Extant’s ground breaking innovative physical theatre production based on the life of teenage blind French resistance leader Jacques Lusseyran, touring nationally and internationally.

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September 2010

Illustrated logo for Tandemonium - a Tandem rides along a musical score.

Riding the rhythm on customised tandems, Extant presents a musical theatre performance as never seen or heard before!

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