Projects : Participation

Awards for All 2017

May 2017

Black and white photo of participants on stage at mac Birmingham for the final sharing, audience sat in rows listening to the post show discussion

The West Midlands Awards for All project culminated at the end of May in a fantastic performance, Getting On With Life by Connect and Co at mac Birmingham. 

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Spirit of Resistance

January - June 2016

A production shot from Resistance. The head and shoulders of a young man. Behind is the shadow of a soldier with an arm outstretched as if about to grab him.

An intergenerational project inspired by Extant's 2005 production of Resistance. You can now watch the new legacy film (below) with behind-the-scenes footage from both the 2005 production...

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Unexpected: Youth Theatre 2016

January - April 2016

A still from the Unexpected performance showing 4 of the performers lying, huddled and looking down on the stage floor - they are illuminated by a faint red glow. The other two stand to the left side, one with her arms hugged to her chest. The background is black and 3 chairs can be seen behind the group.

'Unexpected' was a four-month long project which culminated in a public performance exploring personal stories of sight loss.

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Show Real Miracles

Early 2015

Group photo of participants in the project

Read about the project funded by Greater London Fund for the Blind in early 2015 that sparked this performers' gallery of show reels.

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‘I dance’


An older white man and middle eastern woman are in ballroom dance hold, her hand on his shoulder. Her face is relaxed and happy

A series of accessible dance workshops for visually impaired people funded by the Greater London Fund for the Blind.

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Radio Play

June - September 2013

Writer Louise Jenkins leans over to talk to a participant who is wearing headphones, while the rest of the group work in the background

 A radio drama and script-writing project for visually impaired young adults aged from 18 to 30, which ran from June to September 2013.

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Forum 4Us

April & May 2012

Forum 4 Us group in a line

A forum theatre project for visually impaired young adults aged 15-30, ran in April and May 2012.

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Magic Workshop

July 2011

Jonny Kirin and Sandy Plate Spinning

Extant held a beginners guide to magic on Saturday 2 July 2011 at the Oval House Theatre.

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Forum Theatre


Front row of audience at the Oval House with four audience members raising a hand in the air

The first project to fuse Forum Theatre and visual impairment, involving research, devising, performance and presentations.

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Writing Stage

Autumn 2010

The words of a script can be read on a laptop screen over someone's shoulder in the workshop

In the autumn of 2010 and winter of 2011 Extant ran a 10 week performance writing programme called ‘Writing Stage’, for visually impaired writers at any level of experience.

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