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The Chairs 2016

April 2016

Shot of the Old Man, Orator (standing on a bucket) and Old Woman, facing the audience as a trio, brightly lit. Old Man with head tucked down and Old Woman smiling up as The Orator detecting transmissions using a wrist device.

In Spring 2016, Extant remounted its production of The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco, originally conceived in 2014, for a tour that travelled to venues in Harlow, Birmingham, Manchester and London.

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Unexpected: Youth Theatre 2016

January - April 2016

A still from the Unexpected performance showing 4 of the performers lying, huddled and looking down on the stage floor - they are illuminated by a faint red glow. The other two stand to the left side, one with her arms hugged to her chest. The background is black and 3 chairs can be seen behind the group.

'Unexpected' was a four-month long project which culminated in a public performance exploring personal stories of sight loss.

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Flatland: An adventure in many dimensions

February - March 2015

A sideways shot of the poster for Flatland in black and white, inside a window frame. Blending into the image is a reflection of a large tree and park outside on a summery day.

Flatland is a collaboration between Extant, the UK's leading performing arts company of visually impaired artists, robotics engineer and research scientist Dr Ad Spiers, and Janet van der Linden...

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ZombieyeZ in Zagreb

October 2013 - Dec 2015

Banner image for the project - an image of an eye, tinted in a medical shade of green

How far did they go to get their sight back? Watch the new trailer for ZombieyeZ in Zagreb! 

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A German officer snarls, pulling his victim's head backwards

Extant’s ground breaking innovative physical theatre production based on the life of teenage blind French resistance leader Jacques Lusseyran, touring nationally and internationally.

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