Extant’s 20th Anniversary

This year (2017) marked a milestone for Extant as an organisation, celebrating the span of two decades' worth of performance-making and experimentation.

Watch the short fun trailer below of our 20th anniversary film, created by Braunarts.

You can also listen to our special podcast episode with interviews and highlights from the night here.

Continue on for a range of images and quotes from our 20th anniversary event, held in November 2017 at the Cinema Museum in Kennington!

Group shot on the lit-up dancefloor of Maria and Tom in the magical cabinet jacket from Sheer, with Mickel and another guest on one side, and Anita Barzey on the other balancing a wine glass on Tom’s cabinet jacket. In front of them Amelia poses on one knee in cabaret style!
Performer and researcher Amelia Cavallo stands at the bar, laughing enthusiastically. Her plus one holds their face in one hand, looking a tad embarrassed
wide shot of the stage with blue lights during Maria’s speech, with both sets of ‘20’ balloons on either side. She wears a long sparkly dress with a golden shawl. At the back of the stage a line of  disfigured chairs from ‘The Chairs’ production
full length photo of Extant board members Patrick Roberts and Keith Ollier stood side by side, with Patrick’s guide dog Rufus in the centre. Keith looks and laughs emphatically at Patrick, who keeps a deftly straight face.
Crowd shot - Sally Booth, Michelle Felix and Heather Gilmore standing in a row, holding prosecco glasses in their hands. Michelle (centre) wears a venetian mask, through which she glances to the side, and with a  green glowstick hanging around her neck
Tom performing the Louis Braille song from his show Blind Man’s Bluff. Dressed all in black with a beret on his head and with one hand held out in front of him at shoulder hight. Behind him is the corner of a project screen with the word ‘anniversary’
Extant team, left to right: Tabitha, Maria, Joanna and Jodie, lean in together to blow out the candles on the 20th anniversary cake
Gary O’Donoghue (Tim Gebbels’s lifelong friend and BBC Washington correspondent) sits with his braille reader, his white cane folded up on the seat next to him.
On the dance floor Heather Gilmore (performer) shows off her moves in her white tuxedo, black bowler hat and white cane, and Steven Reed stands to her left wearing a loud blue beach shirt and shorts, complete with straw hat
wide shot of the venue – and old brick workhouse decorated in cinema memorabilia: at the front is part of the dancefloor with guests gathered on three long benches on one side, and a larger crowd gathering behind them with lights hanging above the bar area on the far side
wide shot of the dancefloor filled with guests, centre is Mickel Smithen (performer) in a big scarf busting some moves
close up of Acorn the guide dog taking a much deserved rest, his head resting on the floor and eyes close. Blue and purple light reflecting off him.
three guests, with the crowd behind them, descend on a tray of canapes served by a waiter in a bright white shirt
portrait shot of Joseph Morgan (Extant IT expert) looking into the camera, stood in front of a wall of movie posters. Above him three bright spotlights illuminate the space around him.
close up of Chris Campion (performer) looking off to one side, smiling. To his left, out of focus, Anita Barzey (drama facilitator) looks in the same direction with a big smile
Side shot of the stage, lined with blue rope lights, and the front of the crowd during Tom’s Louis Braille song. He stands onstage while a line of guests, smiling and laughing. Above their heads on the farther wall are large letters that spell the word ‘Palladium’.
shot from below of Ian Jentle onstage, behind the microphone and to his left (and front) a BSL interpreter signs during his speech. Behind her are another set of silver ‘20’ balloons and the birthday cake with candles
Onstage, Maria smiles at Tom who holds the microphone, next to them Louise Dickson laughing and Joanna Lally (Extant administrator) holding
Sarah Archdeacon (Corali) laughing in conversation with Chris Campion, with drinks in their hands. Other guests chatting behind them.
wide shot of Maria holding her flowers at the side of the stage, leaning in towards Louise, other guests gathered behind and to her right. The large Palladium sign is visible in the background.
Gary O’Donoghue stands on stage behing the microphone with braille reader on a podium in front of him. Directly projected behind Gary is a large photo of Tim Gebbels, against a black background. Below are the Chairs from Extant’s production in which Tim starred.
shot from stage view, of the crowd looking on with large smiles. The wall of movie posters behind them. Centre and towards the back is one woman with a bright blue wig!
Maria stands between two other guests, her arms around them, all three laughing.
Close up of event manager Jo Watson looking to one side smiling. From behind there is a blue glow from the lights on the stage, and part of the projector screen.
Group shot, right to left of Victor Mensah (holding red wine and a small fish and chips canape) Joseph Morgan, Elizabeth Wainwright, Joanna Lally (also holding a mini fish and chips) and Anthony Gough with his light-up blue tie
Full length shot of Anthony Gough (workshop facilitator) standing on one side in a suit with light up shoes (green and blue)
In conversation, Barry from Guide Dogs with Tim’s partner Hala and another female guest. Hala (centre) looks at Barry who has an animated expression as he talks
Tom Skelton talks to two guests while wearing the magical cabinet jacket, a beer in each hand! Behind him is a display of the cinema museum’s memorabilia, including retro film reels and theatrical spotlights.
Close up of Stephen Portlock (writer for Disability arts online) posing in his bright orange dressing gown, with black pearl necklace and an orange instead of white cane!
Close up of group, left to right – Mickel and Maria (laughing ecstatically), Tom and Anita smiling at the camera. Behind them the projection screen reads ‘Welcome to Extant’s 20th Anniversary!’

What a lovely evening it was. Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of it. The bursary in Tim’s memory is fantastic and a great way to give people some extra help in future. 

Ellie Southwood - RNIB

close up of Maria and Joanna (wearing a very flowery jacket) during the flower handover. Joanna with her mouth slightly open as she catches the flower bag from the bottom
Maria and Suzanne Bull (Attitude is Everything CEO) pose for a photo in front of the stage, Suzanne in a bright pink wheelchair and wearing a large pink flower headpiece. In the left foreground two hands hold a phone camera up with the picture of Maria and Suzanne comes into focus.
Shot from below of Patrick Roberts (Extant board member) in a white jacket, black shirt and white bow tie, and wearing sunglasses looking directly into the camera, one side of his face illuminated by the bright white spotlights.
Louise Dickson (access worker), with clipboard in one hand and a drink in the other, poses next to a guest holding up her gold envelope to the camera
group shot of Shannon McNab (director of Simply Smiley Productions), Steven Reed (performer), Maria and Kelly Griffiths (actor) closely huddled together in front of the stage, drinks in their hands and heads tipped back laughing. Behind them is the anniversary welcome banner on the projector screen.
Jamie Beddard (New Wolsey theatre) in focus with a glass in one hand, talking to another guest in the foreground, whose back is facing the camera, slightly blurred
Joseph Morgan and Michelle Felix hold hands while dancing, salsa style, while in the foreground a taller man shows off some moves, one arm and knee raised mid-dancing
close up of Sian Williams (Extant board member) in a sparkly dress talking to someone out of shot. Just behind her, leaning forward and looking at Sian, is another woman with long electric blue hair.
Gerard McDermott (actor) poses with another guest, who waves at the camera. He points at her with a surprised expression, other guests talking in small groups behind them.
Comedian and MC Tom poses onstage in the magical box cabinet jacket, holding a length of chain in each hand and large silver ‘20’ balloons to the right of his head.
Group shot of Suzanne Bull with two other guests, including a man on her right with his tongue stuck out and a silly look on his face. Behind his shoulder is part of the Cable man costume (a stuffed suit covered with wires and tubes) from Extant’s production of Sheer.
Oliver Campbell Smith (director) poses in front of a picture of Charlie Chaplin, imitating Chaplin’s gesture of one hand behind his ear. Other movie posters on each side of Oli’s head.
Close up of Giles Abbott (storyteller) standing in front of the bar, lights and decorations behind him
Close up of Suzanne and Maria smiling into the camera, Suzanne’s pink hairpiece and Maria’s gold scarf stand out against the darker colours.