Production shots taken at Stratford Circus Arts Centre, April 2016.

Photo credit: Jack Townsend

Trio of Old Man, Orator and Old Woman. Orator stands on a bucket between them, preparing to deliver the message. Old Man leaning forwards
Old Man and Woman side by side with the light reflecting their upper halves. He is turned to the left and she peers over his shoulder
Old Man bends sideways, almost horizontal, his head in line with the top of the mop handle which he uses to stabilise him
Wide shot of Old Woman and Man sitting side by side on row of 3 chairs.She looks forward as he turns right to talk to an invisible guest
Old Woman dons a pair of small black binoculars and strikes a 'lady-like' pose with one hand tilted at the wrist in front of her
The Old Man and Old Woman run around in a circle trying to catch each other. His movement is slightly blurred.
Black background with a circle of light through one of the portholes showing a silhouette profile of the Old Woman's head
Old Man and Old Woman to the right, as one foot in white trouser leg and a yellow boot steps through door on the left of the stage.
The Orator, in faint blue light and smoke, exits through the swivel door centre stage, turning back to look at the audience.
Old Man holds up his mop and uses it as a machine gun firing to the right of the chairs around him
Wide shot of Old Man and Old Woman at portholes on the side and Orator centre. Stage is nearly pitch black but all 3 figures are illuminate
Old Man and Old Woman standing in front of 3 rows of chairs holding hands