Extant  receives peer support from a team of artistic advisors across the arts  industry.  They are:

Odette Battarel - Manager of Thomas Pocklington Resource Centre
Joanna Brendon - Visual Artist
Ian Bruce - Professor at City University
Suzanne Bull - CEO of Attitude is Everything
Sue Caro - BBC Diversity Manager
Penelope Cherns - Head of 1 year P.G. Diploma Classical Acting Course at LAMDA
Jonathan Chadwick - Director of AZ Theatre
Zoe Gilmore -   Arts project manager and musician
Richard Katona - Director
Ros Hayes - Royal National Theatre Head of Access
Ben Evans - Independent theatre producer
Andrew Holland - Writer and audio describer
Julie Mcnamara - Independent  producer, writer and performer
Sue Rolfe - Arts consultant
Deidre Malynn - Arts consultant